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The Coykendall - Coriddi Barn in Canadice NY

Photos and information courtesy of Karen and Frank Coriddi.

In 1904 this barn was owned by L. E. Coykendall and the 1920 by C. H. Coykendall. Their names are shown on the maps of Canadice in 1904 and 1920. The barn and home are now (2011) owned by Frank and Karen Coriddi. The Coykendall - Coriddi barn is located about 3 miles south of Hemlock village on State Route 15A.



View of the north and east sides of the Coykendall - Coriddi barn. The barn is in excellent condition. Photo taken in 2011.

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View of the north and west sides of the Coykendall - Coriddi barn in Canadice NY. Photo taken in 2011.

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This poster is on the inside wall of the Coykendall - Coriddi Barn, it is presumably a campaign poster from the 1896 New York State Gubernatorial campaign of Frank S. Black and Timothy L. Woodruff. Black would become the Governor and Woodruff the Lieutenant Governor. Woodruff would continue as Lieutenant Governor for the next two terms with Theodore Roosevelt in 1898 and Benjamin O’Dell in 1900. Woodruff was born in New Haven Connecticut and later moved to Brooklyn NY to enter politics.

A side of the Woodruff family settled early in the Hemlock and Canadice Lakes region and apparently T. L. Woodruff was thought well of in Canadice. Photo taken in 2011.

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