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The Boots and Saddles Tavern of Hemlock NY



A photo of Hemlock NY circa 1920 looking south along Main street. The buildings on the east side of the street are the Theatre, the Odd Fellows Building and then the Metropolitan hotel.

The Odd Fellows Building in the center was originally a cottage on Hemlock Lake which was removed when Rochester acquired the lands. For a short while before becoming the Odd Fellows Building the cottage was a store.

In 1974 the Odd Fellows Building became the Boots and Saddles Tavern owned by Steve DeAngelo.

This photo is courtesy of Ira Briggs of Hemlock. Click the image to enlarge.



Ira Briggs is peeping through the Peephole that was once in the front door of the Odd Fellows Building in Hemlock NY. Ira managed to save the peephole from destruction after the building was torn down and removed.

This photo is courtesy of Ira Briggs. Click the image to enlarge.



The peephole from the front door of the Odd Fellows Building in Hemlock NY. Courtesy of Ira Briggs.



The safe from the basement of the Odd Fellows Building in Hemlock NY. Courtesy of Ira Briggs.

The New Boots and Saddles Tavern

Odd Fellows Building of Hemlock

A Dodge City Saloon and a Step into the Past

The Lima Recorder

18 April 1974

Back in the early 1920’s a small cottage was moved from the shore of Hemlock Lake to a site on the creek bank just south and east of the bridge on Main St. in Hemlock NY. This small building was the beginning of what has been known for years as the Odd Fellow’s Building.

Later in the 20’s an addition was constructed on the back of the cottage giving the Odd Fellows a large Hall in which to hold their meetings. After this point not much of a change occurred in the physical appearance of the building until the present time.

In the last few months, however, a great change in the building has taken place. A gentleman by the name of Steve DeAngelo has recently remodelled the interior of the hall in the style of a saloon from he old west. As a matter of fact it is almost an exact replica of a saloon operated by George Masterson of Dodge City, Kansas. Masterson was the brother of the famous gun fighter “Bat” Masterson.

The entire tavern is filled with authentic antiques and a step into the Boots and Saddles Tavern is like a step back in time and place. Such items as a Wells Fargo safe, which still operates, and two buggies which sit upon the entertainment stage at the back of the building.

According to Mr. DeAngelo The Boots and Saddles will offer Country and Western entertainment and square dancing Wednesday through Saturday during the year. It is well worth a trip to the Boots and Saddles for a brief look at yesterday in the “Old West.”