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“Hemlock Stories” by Ira Briggs

Ira Briggs is a well digger, fiction writer and ARC Living Skills Assistant and a University of Rochester employee who hails from the little hamlet of Hemlock NY. Ira has lived his whole life in Hemlock and through the years he has written fictional stories about what he has noticed or has remembered. Here is a collection of his fiction stories for our enjoyment. This photo shows Ira peeking through the peephole that was once in the front door of the Old Fellows Building in Hemlock NY. Click the image to enlarge.

The Lawsuit

Ira’s mother, Dorothy, rode her husband’s motorcycle often. One day she was run off the road by a careless auto driver. Although not seriously hurt, the lawsuit which followed also took a bad turn.

Ira Briggs

23 April 2015

The Grave Diggers

Uncle Burnell’s passing took place in the spring, warranting the use of picks and shovels by family members in order to dig his grave.

Ira Briggs

8 April 2015

The Tragedy

Jane Barnard, a woman of retirement age and member of the Hemlock Baptist Church, was of singular grace and steadfast tranquility, due to her abiding faith in the Lord.

Ira Briggs

10 March 2015

A Tough Decision

Uncle Jimmy, an outdoorsman friend of mine, faced the unpopular, but necessary decision to terminate the life of Canadice, his dog. Canadice had outlived his ability to walk and control his own excretions.

Ira Briggs

25 February 2015

Freed from the Jaws of Death

Uncle Jimmy, a friend of mine and an avid hunter, fisherman and trapper, was always accompanied by his inseparable canine companion, Canadice, named after one of Uncle Jimmy’s favorite lakes.

Ira Briggs

6 February 2015

The Infamous Buggy Race

Ira tells the story of the tragic buggy race that happened in the Devil’s Bedroom on Harder road at Hemlock lake.

Ira Briggs

5 August 2014

Carl Drain’s Belated Homecoming

Ira remembers the Hugh and Gertrude Drain family of Hemlock NY. Their only son was lost in New Guinea during WWII in a plane crash.

Ira Briggs

7 May 2014

The Hemlock Demolition Derby

Ira remembers when the demolition derby started at the Hemlock Fair and driving his own favoirte 1971 Charger in the derby.

Ira Briggs

25 June 2013


Ira’s father Larry rode a Harley Davidson motorcycle while in the army. However, his first ride was almost his last.

Ira Briggs

1 January 2012

Holiday Memory

Ira remembers a shopping trip with his mother and the gift he received from an extrodinary man.

Ira Briggs

1 January 2012

C-Biskit and the Louisiana Gator

Ira’s father Larry fought in WWII. But before he got to the front he and his fellow GIs distracted themselves in anyway they could find.

Ira Briggs

28 June 2011