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“Anecdotes” by Mrs. Maude Van Duyne

A Beauty Spot in Canadice

Mrs. Maude Van Duyne

From the Wayland Register, 17 June 1943

Although having lived all my life where I could gaze with delight upon the beautiful eastern slope of Bald Hill, with the sparking waters of Canadice, the gem of lakes, at its base, I cannot recall it more beautiful than this spring, with only occasional moments of sunshine during the many rainy days of May.

The several varieties of trees with their various soft tints of green at this season, when touched by the early morning sunshine, present a beautiful picture.

As the seasons come, each brings a special beauty to the hillside, and I have often asked myself: Which season of the year is the hill mose lovely?

Summer comes and the soft tints change to a rich, dark green, dotted with ever-changing, bright purple shadows of the clouds as they float across the sky, making the hillside even more beautiful

In September, the green colors of the foliage are gradually replaced, even without the touch of frost, to bright shades of yellow, red and brown, the beautiful colors clearly reflected in the water below making a magnificent picture.

It is small wonder that city dwellers travel miles to enjoy a few hours of such glorious beauty.

And its beauty is not lessened, although greatly changed, by the icy hand of winter, for the pure whiteness of the ice and snow-ladden trees, mingled with an occasional evergreen, sparkle in the bright sunshine of winter.

And again I ask - when is the hill most lovely?

Editor’s Note: Mrs. Willis Van Duyne was a frequent contributor of historical sketches and other material to the Wayland Register. She lived much of her life in Canadice NY.