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Letter from Mrs. W. H. P. to Anna Stone in 1899

Courtesy of Mary Ann and Bob Thompson.

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Livonia Oct. 8, 1899

Mrs. Stone

I write you a few lines and trust it may be of value to you; now why I write you; is because I have heard you have arranged to buy a part of the old homestead; and I hope you will get so arranged that you will be well cared for in your declining old age; now I want to say to you to get the deal closed with and get your deed just as soon as you can; so you can keep Russel on a farm where he can provide a good living for you and watch after your declining days, as he is the only son left you that has much interest in you, as I hear; I have heard he is getting awfully discouraged working other peoples land, and says he is going to join the standing army of some other homeless occupation; such a change would be terriable; I am sure he would do well and take a great interest; if you can get him to work the place, and be far better for all of you; the reason I drop you these few lines is I have a deep interest in your welfare; and pardon me for not signing my name in full, only I am your friend

Mrs. W. H. P.

Now don’t think I am meddeling; for I long to see you shaped comfortable is why I write you.