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A letter to Harvey Dunn in 1900 from his mother in Hemlock NY.

Courtesy of Francis and Sharon Pratt.

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The letter to Harvey Dunn in 1900 from his mother in Hemlock NY. Transcribed by Francis Pratt of Hemlock NY.

Hemlock July 31st 9am 1900

Harvey yours received and

in reply will say tell the Dr. E

sayes she is so nervous she can’t

tell how she doz feel he has never

seen hur as bad as she is now. And

just as quick as she is able to go

so far will come and see him

and stay a few dayes to see what

he can do for her have you

said enything to M about

our coming there I will have

to go with her I am satisfied

if S could see her he could

help her Sib think it would

cost too much to have him

come down here so she will

go up there just as soon as she

is able. Horace Hoppaugh had

a shock yesterday his left side

is paralyzed but he was not unco

nscious he can move his limb

this morning but his arm is

no better they fear he will

have another will I must

close and get this ready to

send to the station if can

get a chance yours in haste

Mother to Harvey

Write and let me know what

M sayes about our coming

up there. Good morning









This letter to H. M. Dunn in 1900 from his mother in Hemlock NY was found, by Francis and Sharon Pratt, in the attic of the Bessie Dunn house which is located on Main Street directly north of the Hemlock High School. The Dunn house has been owned by Francis and Sharon Pratt since 1983.