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Letter from Elmer Stone to Anna Stone in 1902

Courtesy of Mary Ann and Bob Thompson.

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Dear Grandma

Labor Day

Grandpa Louis and I built a new fence between our lot and the one next door. I took one of the old posts and made a sail boat 18 inches long the boys liked it so well that they all wanted to buy it. I did not want to sell it but one boy offered me four pigeons so yesterday I thought it over and today I told him that I would take the pigeons if Grandpa would let me have pigeons on the place. I asked Grandpa about it he said that he would see about it. I can sell the pigeons for 25 cents a pair or keep them and raise the young ones.

Saturday I raced another boy his boat beat and he got a tin cup that a boy said he would give to the one that beat. I think I shall race him again tomorrow. My school begins the 20th of this month.

I am going to join the Y.M.C.A. Gymnasium as soon as I get money enough. For two weeks now I have not been about to wear my shoe on account of a sore toe the nail comes of and I kept on hurting it. Today I cut a hole in my shoe and now I am wearing my shoe. I am not going barefooted any more after this.

Mrs. Harris who lives in Southampton Va near where we lived sent to England and had some of her family send me a nice stamp album. There is room for 6,500 stamps.

I paid 45 cents for 18 bontan eggs. I put them under a hen of ours only one hatched. I named him Jeremigh. When he was most grown he disappeared. We have a little kitten about five weeks old and I was going to keep him but Grandpa gave him to a lady in Portsmouth.

I wish I could see you. Very much.

From your loving Elmer.