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Farm and Garden - Flowers

Abbotsford Pink and the Family of Dianthus

The Naples Record

4 June 1890


“Abbotsford”, a new hardy Pink.

The delicacy and richness of the tints, combined with the aromatic fragrance of many of the species, are valuable recommendations for the entire family of Dianthus, or Pinks. The hard biennial or Chinese and Japanese varieties bloom the first year the same as the hardy annuals.

The double China Pink is a biennial of dwarf habit, which flowers the first year, but the bloom is stronger the second. Eastern Queen bears flowers that are attractively marbled. It is a single annual. Double Imperal Pink is a superb double variety, exhibiting all colors mixed. Laciniatus, a double annual, is one of the finest of the fringed sorts. The Bride is a single variety of great beauty. The flowers are of large size, marked in the center with dark violet, which contrasts strikingly with the snowy whiteness of the flower. A well known, hardy double perennial is the Double Pheasant’s Eye.

The Abbotsford, depicted in the sketch above, is included amoung novelties by the Peter Henderson company, and is described as follows: Entirely hardy, color a deep carmine, marbled with white, rich clove fragrance, flowering in the greatest profusion in May and June, and again in the fall months. Whether for a hardy border plant, or for cut flowers during the summer, it will be found to be valuable. It is easily forced into flower during the winter months, and will be found most profitable for bouquets.