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The Joseph Wemett Homestead in Canadice NY

Photos and information courtesy of Linda and Terry Sawyer.



An early photo of the Wemett Homestead, date unknown. Click any image to enlarge.



The Wemett homestead as it appeared in 2012.

The Joseph Wemett Homestead

Joseph Wemett came to the U.S. in 1814 at 14 years of age, settled first at Lowville in Lewis County and later moved to Canadice, NY. In 1824 he married Elizabeth Welch. He bought what was known as the Augustus Shepard Farm from his wife’s family, and in 1841 built the house which still stands on the site. At the time this house was built it was the finest house between Lima and Dansville.

At the time of Joseph’s death in 1870, the farm had grown to 500 acres. The next to occupy the homestead was the 2nd of Joseph’s sons, Henry Joseph Wemett. Born in 1841, he attended Genesee College. In 1865, he interrupted his college education to enlist in the Union Army for one year. Within days of reporting to duty he was promoted to the rank of 2nd Lt. in the 188th Infantry and fought in 10 battles in Virginia. He was at the surrender at Appomattox. After the war he finished his college and taught school for several years. During this time, he became Superintendent of Schools. In 1868, he married Mary Knapp. He was instrumental in the development of Hemlock Lake as a resort area. He owned and operated several steam ships on Hemlock and Honeoye Lakes. He died in 1922.

Next to occupy the homestead was Robert Roy Wemett born in 1881. He was married to Mary Laurita Willson in 1905. Robert was a carpenter and did some farming on the homestead until his death in 1956. His widow, Mary Laurita lived on the farm for the most part until her death in 1971.

In 1973, John Millard Wemett, one of the sons of Robert and Mary, moved on to the farm after his retirement from Rochester Gas & Electric Co. He moved from Rochester one year after the death of his wife, Edna Steamer Wemett, in 1972. He stayed on the homestead until his death in June of 1994 at the age of 86 years.

The homestead is now (2011) owned by Linda & Terry Sawyer.



The original front door of the house in 2012.





Photos of original door handles in the homestead.