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The Fisher Homestead in Springwater NY

Photos and information courtesy of Michael Duffy.



This is a photo of the Fisher homestead that belonged to George Fisher and Carrie (Wheaton) Fisher. Their eldest daughter, Minnie Mae (Fisher) Duffy was a town clerk for many years in Springwater. Minnie was born on the farm in 1899. The farm was located not far from where Wheaton Hill road intersects Route 15A. The farm was purchased from George Fisher by the City of Rochester in the effort to clear the houses away from the Hemlock Lake reservoir.

In the enlarged version of the photo are visible many details; the ducks and farm implements in the barn yard and on the far hill the Bonn Homestead.

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Here is a picture of Minnie (Fisher) Duffy in a white dress and Marguerite Wheaton in a dark dress. Marguerite was Minnie’s Aunt. This picture was taken at the Fisher farm in Springwater NY around 1909. Minnie Fisher was born at this farm in 1899.

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Here is another photo of Minnie (Fisher) Duffy and Marguerite Wheaton taken at the Fisher farm around 1909. In this picture Minnie is the women on the right.

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This is a photo of the Fisher farm taken around 1898. George P. Fisher is the man standing on the ground under the other sitting men. The identity of the four sitting men is unknown. George Fisher was the owner of the Fisher farm. Notice Bald Hill in the far background. George P. Fisher was born in 1876 and died on 25th of September 1953. His wife Carrie (Wheaton) Fisher was born in 1876 and died on 3rd October 1969. They are both buried at the Evergreen Cemetery on Canadice Lake road.

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