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“Tis Gone” by Alma Rogers in 1928

‘ Tis Gone

By Alma Rogers

3 August 1928

‘ Tis gone, our dear old school is gone,

And all that’s left us now

Is the Elm which stands in front of it

With its stately, leafy boughs.

It caught on fire, we know not how,

But this we know is true -

It burned completely to the ground

And its many treasures too.

A library of many books -

Books of note and fame

Given by a well-known man,

Mc Leod was his name.

Another on made up of books,

Purchased by the School,

Books which taught us much of life,

Books which taught the Golden Rule.

The pianos too must needs be lost;

We loved their music so.

We gathered round it much and sang,

On days not long ago.

Oh they will build another,

But even though they may,

‘ Twill not be the same for us who know

The School of yesterday.