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A Tale from Hemlock and Canadice Lakes

Historical Fiction and Review.

What Goes ’round, Comes ’round

By Unknown Author

August 1878

The women of the pioneer days of New York State lived without much compared with today. But the ladies of those times made use of two articles with which the ladies of our day are not much acquainted, viz: the spinning wheel and the side saddle.

Mrs. Zadock Grover sent to her neighbor, Mrs. Gaston to borrow a spinning wheel. Mrs. Gaston answered that she did not like to have the wheel go out of the house, but that Mrs. Grover was welcome to come and use it as much as she pleased. This did not suit Mrs. Grover’s convenience, and she regarded the refusal to lend the spinning wheel as an unneighborly act.

Not long after Mrs. Gaston sent to borrow Mrs. Grover’s side saddle. This furnished a good opportunity to pay her back in her own coin, so Mrs. Grover returned answer that she did not like to have the saddle go out of the house but that Mrs. Gaston was quite welcome to come and ride on it as long as she pleased.

To which Mrs. Gaston replied, “Lesson learned, what goes ’round, comes ’round. You may borrow my wheel and use it at your convenience.”

To which Mrs. Grover replied, “Thank you. I’ll stop by tomorrow and bring my saddle. You may ride while I spin.”

Fact: None

Fiction: Based on an anecdote presented in the Dansville Express, August 1878.