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“Tales of the Past” by Frank Connor

The twenty-five installments of “Tales of the Past” were written by Frank Connor of Hemlock, a former Town of Livonia historian. They were published in late 1930 and early 1931 in the Livonia Gazette. The tales were about people, places and incidents in the towns of Canadice, Conesus, Hemlock, Livonia, Richmond and Springwater. The following list gives a general idea of the topics covered. Click a link to read a chapter.

Chapters 1 - 5

Hemlock’s Little World Fair 1859 - 1930.

Chapter 6

Historic Site Markers and Hemlock Museum.

Chapters 7 - 8

School data and records.

Chapter 9

Information about the Countess of Bath and about the Short family trunk.

Chapter 10

Derivation of place names, names and stories of early settlers and about the visit of the exiled King of France.

Chapter 11

Schools and Churches of Livonia Center.

Chapters 12 - 14

Charter members of the Presbyterian Church and about the trial of a member for gossip and slander.

Chapter 15

Settlement of Hemlock, information about Pitts, information about distillery operations.

Chapter 16

Timber, tannery, charcoal burning, coming of the railroad.

Chapter 17

Early settlers and where they lived, Jacksonville.

Chapter 18

Glenville, Gullburgh, Erie Canal, Plank Road, Metropolitan Hotel.

Chapter 19

Building of the road on the east side of Hemlock Lake, Bald Hill.

Chapter 20

Ira Thurston and balloon ascension, hysteria of Irish railroad workers.

Chapter 21

Old letters in the Hemlock Museum, including two from U.S. presidents.

Chapter 22


Chapter 23

Meaning of the name Hemlock, purity of lake water, resort hotels, photographs taken by Brady.

Chapter 24

Burial sites of war veterans.

Chapter 25