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“History of Canadice” by Beverly Deats

Photos and information courtesy of Andrea and Bob Deats.

Beverly Deats published her “History of Canadice” circa 1980. They are historical essays about the people, places and incidents in the town of Canadice NY. Beverly Deats was the Town Clerk in Canadice for thirty years until 1993.

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Forward by the Author.

Chapter 1

The Seneca Indians.

Chapters 2

Sullivan’s Campaign.

Chapter 3

The Phelps Gorham Purchase.

Chapter 4

Perfection at Pittstown.

Chapter 5

Life in Canadaigua in 1795.

Chapters 6

The First Town Meeting of Ontario.

Chapter 7

The Dighton Company.

Chapter 8

The First White Family in Canadice.

Chapter 9

The Schools.

Chapter 10

Town Organization.

Chapter 11

The Census of Canadice.

Chapter 12

Military Service.

Chapter 13

Church History.

Chapter 14

The Cause of Temperance.

Chapter 15

Acquisition of the Lakes by Rochester.