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“Onehda Tecarneodi, or Up and Down the Hemlock” by D. B. Waite

This little work is intended to comprise in a cheap and convenient form all the pleasure a health-seeking public may wish to know concerning Hemlock Lake. Most of those who have once paid it a visit regard it as a most enjoyable spot, and many say that the heart ever yearns for a re-visitation, and that it is one of the places in man’s wildwood rambles where he esteems it a luxury to stay. Click a link to read a chapter.

Chapter 1


Chapter 2

Description - It had been said and truly too that this lake is the “Most attractive of all the beautiful chain of lakes which adorn Western and Central New York.”

Chapter 3

History - Before the occupancy of this region by the Senecas we are unable to ascertain its name which then became known in the Seneca tongue as the “O-neh-da Te-car-ne-o-di”.

Chapter 4

Commerce - As early as 1809, Samuel Hines erected a saw mill, and very soon afterwards D. Goff and Samuel Story had erected others, on the inlet west of the present village of Springwater.

Chapter 5

Accidents - Like all bodies which the public frequent at all seasons of the year, and have from the time of the white man’s recollection down to the present, accidents, both fatal and otherwise, must of necessity happen.

Chapter 6

Steamboats - Steam was not used for the purpose of propelling water craft on this lake until the comparatively late date of 1860.

Chapter 7

Incidents - In about the year 1791, Austin, son of Soloman Woodruff who was the first settler in this present town of Livonia, was stolen by the Indians while his father was away from home.

Chapter 8

Guides - We now purpose to write up the items pertaining to the history of each cottage, briefly, or, so much thereof as we have been able to obtain.

Chapter 9