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“Early History of Springwater NY” by Orson Walbridge

Electronic format courtesy of Doug Morgan.

The history of the Town of Springwater, so far as is known to the present inhabitants, dates back scarcely one hundred years, and it was not until about the beginning of the present century that any permanent settlements were made here. That Western New York, of which Springwater forms a part, was inhabited by the Seneca Indians for a considerable period, and that they were in possession when the first white man came, is quite certain.

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Chapter 1

Early History - Indians, their customs, manner of living, etc. - Wild Animals - Reminiscences.

Chapter 2

First Movement towards the Settlement of Western New York - Titles to the Land - Phelps and Gorham Purchase - Surveys - First Settlers.

Chapter 3

History of the Early Civil Divisions of New York, furnished by D. B. Waite.

Chapter 4

First Settlers of Springwater Valley and Vicinity.

Chapter 5

Organization of the Town of Springwater - First Town Officers - Description of Early Settlers and Reminiscences of Orson Walbridge.

Chapter 6

Springwater Valley - The Village as it is and as it was.

Chapter 7

Hunts Hollow - The First Settlement in the Present Town of Springwater - Written by D. B. Waite.

Chapter 8

North of the Reynolds Gull - by D. B. Waite.

Chapter 9

Manner of Living and Doing Business - Financial Condition of Early Settlers.

Chapter 10

Hemlock Lake State Dam - Removed by Springwater Boys.

Chapter 11

Biographies of Early Settlers.

Chapter 12

More about Hunting and Fishing.

Chapter 13

Supervisors and Town Clerks of Springwater.

Chapter 14

Name Index to Early History of the Town of Springwater.