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Prose of Leslie W. Paine

Signs of Spring

By Leslie W. Paine of Canadice NY

From the Canadice Chronicle, March 1990

After a siege of winter storms, calendar says “Spring.”

There’s a splash of yellow willow

Against dark green, virile pine.

Then a new day brings wetly falling snow -

Can this be spring, this dismal fog and almost rain?

I’d like to know!

High in the skyway, sounds the welcome call of wild geese

Boldly they plow a northering “V” to find their summer home;

Since they are wise

This must be spring!

With stitches of blue and stitches of gold

Hardy crocus blooms in borders

Around daffodils, iris and tulips - violets too -

As if to restrain them from going astray.

At length, while wandering through a city park

I see a boy and girl.

Bemused, they sit, inches apart,

All wrapped up in wonderings and dreams.

Heaven loves young folks, this I know.

All these, natures’s signs and tokens, make my heart sing

I have no further doubt,

This is our Spring!