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News Article

War News

By S. L. Deyo - The Naples Record

4 May 1878

Hemlock - Nothing pleases an editor more than news, except, perhaps, settling up our personal accounts, and paying for the news already received. The four letters spelling the word “news” are the initials of the four cardinal points of the compass, hence the significant term news embraces the happenings and doings which are hourly occurring amoung mankind upon the four quarters of the globe.

The particular news of nations help to make up the general news. Each nation has its special items, such as commercial, political, educational, religious, and sometimes war news, which are of special interest to all other nations.

As witness the present indications of war in the East. All other nations besides those immediately contagious, feel more or less interested; but having followed this train of thought thus far, we leave it for the present.

About the region of the Hemlock, we have not at present a very great variety of news, but what we have is not war like but altogether of a pleasant character - no wars or rumors of wars.

Spring opens finely and two weeks earlier than usual, and all nature looks beautiful and happy, clad in its attire of green, tastefully trimmed with sweet-scented flowers. These latter are indicative of a choice variety of ripening fruit in due time; but I must not stop to expostulate, but give the news.

Our farmers, the most of them, are up to time with their work, and some in advance; as a class. I think they are feeling encouraged.

Vegetation, generally, is making rapid strides in its growth; some are fearing the results, but all will be right in due time.

Merchants are active and hopeful; mechanics are out prospecting for work, and they meet with some success.

Milton Gray and Charles Owen have secured the job of building a wood house for Mr. Jerome; they are steady, fine young men, and they do their work well and should be patronized.

Last Friday Dr. J. L. Green under took to ride a wild colt, which became frightened, and rearing, threw the doctor off, falling on his chest and bruising him considerable. He was taken up in a limp condition, but came to; no bones were broken but he was very sore for several days, but now is better.

The house and lot known as the Davis property, was sold at auction April 30th, to the highest bidder, Mr. Edward White; consideration $745 - very cheap. Mr. Hopkins auctioneer.

Mr. Wm. Rudd has opened a nice snug restaurant in the village of Hemlock, where will be found oranges, lemons, candies, maple sugar, cigars, and all kinds of nuts and all good things usually found in such establishments; no intoxicants found on the premises. Please give the proprietor a call and satisfy yourselves.