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Newspaper Clips


Marriage When Canadice was Canandaigua

One afternoon on a day in 1794, Israel Chapin was busily engaged in chopping in the public square at Canandaigua when a man called out to him desiring his services in marrying him to a young lady accompanying him.

The ceremony was soon over and the new bridegroom produced a silver dollar as the magistrate’s fee. Mr. Chapin took the coin and presented the same to the bride as her first gift. Thus the squire returned to his chopping, and the couple whence they came.

Unknown Newspaper


New Job for the Blacksmith

Mr. Thomas Bates was formerly head Blacksmith upon the Rochester and Hemlock Lake Water Works, but has now located in company with his son, at the village of Hemlock Lake, where he is preparing to do all kinds of Jobbing, Horseshoeing and General Blacksmithing, in a most satisfactory manner. Also particular attention given to repairing machinery of every description, and argricultural implements, upon the most reasonable terms.

Livonia Gazette


A Jail House for Hemlock Lake

We have a new school house. We are trying to procure water works; but there is yet on thing we need, and a thing not expensive, and that is a place where those that have made the nights hideous with their drunken brawls, for the past ten days, can be secured; in other words, a lock-up. There is no doubt as to the need of this institution of civilization among us. We find that for $150.00 a building can be erected, sufficiently strong and large enough for every purpose. Let some one move in the matter. We doubt not, that with a subscription paper, enough money can be raised in two hours time, to pay for the erection of this much needed building.

Livonia Gazette


Prospects at Hemlock Lake this Year

Concerning the prospects of Hemlock Lake the coming season, W. H. Atkinson, the Lima correspondent of the Rochester Express says: The lake this season will be more attractive than ever. Two splendid farms are now owned by residents of your city - Bishop Mc Quaid and John Fisher. The little steamer Seth Green will continue to flit from shore to shore, and from head to foot, to show the thousands, the principal and natural reservoir made by nature, whence comes the great and exhaustless supply of water. Already several lots have been purchased by gentlemen and parties who contemplate erecting summer cottages. Ex-Mayor Filen and the reverend gentlemen are some of the favored ones, as many can testify who have shared their hospitality.

Livonia Gazette


War News

Hemlock - Nothing pleases an editor more than news, except, perhaps, settling up our personal accounts, and paying for the news already received. The four letters spelling the word “news” are the initials of the four cardinal points of the compass, hence the significant term news embraces the happenings and doings which are hourly occurring amoung mankind upon the four quarters of the globe.

The particular news of nations help to make up the general news. Each nation has its special items, such as commercial, political, educational, religious, and sometimes war news, which are of special interest to all other nations.

As witness the present indications of war in the East. All other nations besides those immediately contagious, feel more or less interested; but having followed this train of thought thus far, we leave it for the present.

About the region of the Hemlock, we have not at present a very great variety of news, but what we have is not war like but altogether of a pleasant character - no wars or rumors of wars.

Naples Record


The Port House

Mr. Alger, proprietor of the well known Port House on Hemlock Lake was in our office yesterday. He informs us that he is now prepared to furnish the best of accommodations to guests and borders during the coming season. The best of help has been engaged, boats refitted, grounds improved and many other accommodations and attractions added.

Springwater Enterprise


Ancient Snake Found

Our Western New York is becoming noted for evidences of the past. Michael Joy, a well-known farmer west of Springwater, while digging in a ravine struck a bone about two feet below the surface, which was found to belong to a snake eighty feet long; he and his neighbors dug to the ends of the monster. These bones are in a large case at the Springwater depot. History gives an account of large reptiles that Sullvan in his campaign saw there. Well, this is the last big snake story out, and we don’t doubt it for it is in Mr. Newell’s paper of Wayland!

Naples Neapolitan


Poor House Expense Report

The Report of the Superintendent of the Poor shows that the total expense of the poor-house and insane asylum for the year were $12,241.60 and he asked the Board for a $13,000 appropriation for the coming year.

Livonia Gazette


The Hemlock Cemetery

To Whom It May Concern - The Hemlock Lake Cemetery Association, at a meeting especially called for the purpose, on Saturday, May 23rd 1885, unanimously voted, in conformity with the law made and provided, to levy a tax of two dollars ($2) on each and every deeded or occupied lot in said cemetery, for the repairing of the fences and other necessary general improvements of the grounds. Wm. Mc Leod Sec.

Livonia Gazette


The Jacques House

This popular hotel at Hemlock lake was formally opened for the season last Wednesday by Mr. Holmes. The terms are $1.50 per day, or $7.00 to $10.00 per week, according to rooms. Children and servants are provided for at half price, and special rates are made for families. Haggerty’s stage will run direct to this house from all trains. Write for particulars.

Unknown Newspaper


Old Jim

Everyone who knows Walter Westbrook knew Old Jim. Well, Old Jim is dead. He passed away with scarcely a struggle last Tuesday just at quitting time of work. Walt, saw that his end was near and he just had time to slip off the harness that Old Jim had toiled and sweat in for years. On Wednesday his remains were decently interred, and Westbrook is out as faithful an old servant as ever toiled on any of the many gentle slopes around old Hemlock.

Livonia Gazette


The Elopement of Louis Schneck and Lucy Wemett

Last Friday night the people of the village were considerably stirred up by the elopement of Mr. Louis Schneck and Miss Lucy Wemett, the eldest daughter of Harvey and Ida Wemett.

The young couple started out ostensibly to attend the Baptist Sugar Social at Walter Westbrook’s, but went from there to Livonia and were married by the Rev. Mr. Gates.

They were followed by Mr. Wemett and his brother-in-law, Chas. Trimmer; but as they went from Westbrook’s to Mr. Hickok’s and from there to Honeoye, tiring out their horse, they did not overtake the runaways.

Livonia Gazette


Harvey Dunn Furnishes Lunches at Fair

Harvey M. Dunn has been awarded the privileges of furnishing dinners and lunches on the Hemlock Lake fair grounds both days of the fair.

Livonia Gazette


Elmer Diamond Dies in Shooting Accident

Two Springwater boys, about 14 years old, Elmer Diamond and Irving Rogers, were hunting last Saturday. Late in the afternoon the Rogers boy shot at a squirrel. The Diamond boy jumped right in front of him just as he fired the second barrel of the gun. He must have been as near the gun as 12 feet. He died half an hour later.

Horneleville Weekly


Hemlock Named Holden

The Livonia Gazette says the village of Hemlock Lake is to have a new name, Holden.

Horneleville Weekly


Springwater Creamery

Springwater has a new enterprise well under way in the shape of a butter factory. A stock company has been formed with a capital stock of about $8,500, and the contract for erecting the building and fitting it with modern machinery for dairy purposes awarded to the R. B. True Dairy Supply Company of Syracuse. The building will be erected on the site purchased on Mill Street from Mrs. Eliza Tyler. The foundations are already laid and the work is being pushed as rapidly as possible. The cost of the building furnished complete with engine and machinery ready for operation will be something over $8000, and according to the contract, will be in running order by May 1st. The directors of the company are Charles H. Marvin, Henry S. Brewer and James G. Morris.

Democrat Chronicle


The Springwater Panther

For the last three years a panther has been seen in the woods just over the county line in Springwater. It is called the Springwater panther. Many hunters have tried to kill it. It has been seen by farmers in the edge of the woods near Doughty’s Corners below this village. One evening last week George Franklin who is working for W. H. Curry at Doughty’s Corners saw the panther while passing through a piece of woods. It followed George but as he was a faster runner than the panther it did not catch him. A panther escaped from a show a few years ago and it is supposed to live in a cave in what is called Devil’s Gully.

Bath Advocate


The Wicks Dog Bill

Now that the Wicks dog bill has become a law, thousands of farmers are expected to re-enter the industry which has all but been wiped out by the ravages of predatory dogs. The most important feature of the bill is that the law is now to be enforced by State rather than local authorities as has been the case. The act makes manditory the licensing of dogs throughout the state by the town and city clerks and then includes provisions of the county law, in regard to the killing of unlicensed dogs with the slight modification in the fact that a dog is without a tag attached to the collar is presumptive evidence that the dog is unlicensed.

Springwater Review


Ku Klux Klan in Springwater

A Ku Klux Klan speaker addressed 500 persons at Springwater last week. Springwater is a good location for a camp; there are hills enough to burn a cross every night and high enough to be seen from Rochester to Binghamton and from Buffalo to Albany.

Dansville Express


Benefit Dance at Hemlock

Onehda Lodge I. O. O. F. will hold a benefit dance Friday evening, November 22, 1929, at Hemlock for DeForest Connor, who lost a leg hunting in the Adirondack mountains. Bill $1.00 per couple.

Livonia Gazette


Notice to Trappers - Spring Your Traps

A display advertisement in this issue calls attention to the fact that trappers within the Livonia village limits must exercise extreme care in their trapping. All traps, says the village board, must be visited and sprung each morning to make certain that no domestic animals get caught during the daytime. Failure to observe this precaution is likely to bring forth an ordinance denying the privilege of trapping at all within the corporation.

Many is the kitten, the pet of some child, which has been caught and mutilated, either to be killed or maimed permanently, as the result of some trapper’s carelessness or disregard. A steel trap is a cruel thing at best, but there is no excuse whatever for traps to be left open during the daytime.

A boy, who has in him the blood of a true sportsman, will not needlessly subject any dumb animal to the agony which is incident to being held in the vicious jaws of a steel trap.

Livonia Gazette


New State Road - Springwater to Websters Crossing

Mr. and Mrs. James Boland are occupying furnished rooms at the Charles Krisher house during the building of the new state road. The state road workmen this week are putting on the coarse gravel and dirt from Websters Crossing to S. L. McNinch’s place. The road is open to traffic from Springwater to Websters Crossing. Later fine gravel and tar will be applied to complete the road here.

Dansville Express


To Whom It May Concern

The drys of this town of Springwater better investigate and have a raid on the booze joints to avoid any more smash-ups with a boozer at the wheel driving his car. Accidents of this kind are of frequent occurrence in our town. Who will proceed to volunteer to enforce the law?

Dansville Express


New Fire Company Formed at Springwater

A fire company has been organized at Springwater with the following officers: President, Geo. E. Wemett; secretary and treasurer, Donald A. Robinson. It is expected a chemical truck will be purchased and a firehouse built in South Main street on the Hyde Manufacturing Company’s property in the near future.

Mt. Morris Enterprise


Onehda Lodge of Hemlock

Onehda Lodge, No. 220, I.O.O.F. of Hemlock celebrated the 35th anniversary of its organization Thursday night of last week and also the regular county visitors’ night. Visitors were present form Geneseo, Mount Morris, Dansville and Nunda. The main event of the evening was a talk by District Deputy H. D. Waldron of Sonyea. Lunch was served after the meeting.

Livonia Gazette


1st Women on Grand Jury

Geneseo - Women have been selected to serve on the Livingston County Grand Jury for the first time in history.

The women, Mrs. Edith Norton and Mrs. Wheaton, are both from Springwater and are both qualified to assume the responsibility, Mrs. Norton being Springwater town clerk and Mrs. Wheaton being president of the Springwater School Board.

Democrat Chronicle


Springwater Holds War Fund Drive

With a quota of $775 to be raised in Springwater and Websters Crossing, the Red Cross War Fund Drive under direction of Chairman O. E. Risley is under way with a house-to-house canvass of the village and rural areas.

Risley appointed the following to assist: Dale Straight, solicitor for North Main Street; Mrs. John Walker, East Avenue; Mrs. Arthur Shriner, the C. F. Cannon factory; O. E. Risley, South Main Street; Mrs. Floyd May, Webster Crossing; George Richardson, West Hill Road; Mrs. Lee E. McIntyre, Kellogg Road; C. Hubert Mack, Lawrence Gull Road and Bell School District; George Wolfanger, Strutt Street and Marvin Road; Mrs. Kenneth Wolfanger, School Street and Mill Street.

Mrs. George Mehlenbacher of East Springwater will sollicit three districts in that area. Co-workers are Mrs. Elmer Hills, Mrs. Lemeul Walker, Norman May and Howard Kramer.

Last year Springwater exceeded its quota by $77.82.

Unknown Newspaper


The “Thing” Is in Springwater

At last we know where the “Thing” is located. Residents of Springwater have been frightened by reports in the past few days that a wild “Thing” - claimed to be by some a bob cat and others a panther - has been roaming the hills of Springwater.

The “Thing” gives off an eerie screech, some say that it is black, with white spots - large and cat-like.

Although hunters have been scouring the hills the “Thing” so far has mysteriously evaded them. Several Mt. Morris hunters have signified their intentions of making an effort to bag the “Thing”.

Mt. Morris Union


A Fish Story

George Wheaton had it nip and tuck last week with a nine pound pike in Hemlock Lake. He was rowing home trolling a Seth Green rig when the baby whale struck. For some time it was a question of who was landing who, but George finally got him safely netted after losing an oar and his customary calm.

Valley News