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Gabriel Adams and Charlotte Jackman of Canadice NY



Photo of Gabriel Adams.



Photo of Charlotte Jackman Adams.

The Family of Gabriel Adams and Charlotte Jackman Adams




birth place

death place

Gabriel Adams


1829 - 7 August 1876

Sussex NJ

Canadice NY

Charlotte Jackman Adams


1834 - 27 May 1899

Richmond NY

Canadice NY






Margaret Adams


August 1853 - 14 February 1930

Canadice NY

Wayland NY

Arvilla Adams


1865 - 27 February 1913

Canadice NY

Wayland NY





The Parents of Gabriel Adams

Joseph Adams and Charlotte Shepherd Adams

The Parents of Charlotte Jackman Adams

Josiah & Lua B. Jackman

Adams Family Tree


Shepherd Family Tree


Jackman Family Tree


Wife’s Maternal Family Tree

Intruder at the home of Charlotte Adams

From the Ontario County Journal

21 September 1888

Canadice, N. Y. - The residence of Mrs. Charlotte Adams and her mother, a lady over 80 years old, was entered by burglars last Tuesday morning about 2 o’clock. Mrs. Jackman was aroused by a hand laid softly on the bed and thinking it was her daughter, who sleeps in an adjoining room, she asked her what was wanted. Mrs. Adams was awakened by her mother’s voice and started to raise up when she was seized by the throat and pushed back, the man muttering something at the same time. Mrs. Adams screamed at the top of her voice for help when the man took leave in a great hurry passing out to the kitchen and thence through the wood house through the doorway he had entered by means of a hole through which he could unlock the door. Mrs. Adams as soon as she could strike a light and fasten the house, raised a window and rung a bell which awakened M. J. Becker living opposite who quickly got there and aroused the whole neighborhood, but the would-be burglar had fled and only a stick of wood on the bureau gave evidence that the house had been entered. A bit-stock from Job Francisco’s shop was found near the gate, and the man tracked nearly a mile. From the disturbance in both rooms it would seem there were two, but only one track was found. Mrs. Adams was relieved of her revolver some time ago and had not replaced it, but the next man that goes there in the night will resemble a lead mine before he leaves.

The Obituary of Gabriel Adams

1829 - 7 August 1876

From the Canadice Necrology, 10 August 1876

In Canadice, August 7th, 1876, Gabriel Adams died at age 46 years.

Another of our best and most respected citizens has gone to his reward, and the family, the church and the town, feel that they have sustained a great loss. Mr. Adams was the only surviving son of Joseph and Charlotte Adams. He has been for many years an earnest Christian and zealous worker in the cause of Christ.

While at work in the barn with a horse fork, July 27th, the pulley fastening gave way, letting the fork fall from the top of the barn, one tine striking him on the head just above the right temple, penetrating the skull, and badly lacerating the brain.

The unfortunate man lay in a stupor the most of the time, until Monday, August 7th, when his happy spirit was called to the God who gave it.

Rev. Mr. Dayton addressed words of consolation to the afflicted family and a house filled to overflowing with sympathizing friends and neighbors. In his loss we lose a kind and loving father and an honest, upright man. Let us take warning and be therefore also ready; for, in an hour, we think not the son of man cometh.


From the Naples Record, 12 August 1876

Canadice - A serious accident occurred in town last week, whereby on of our citizens was nearly deprived of life, and at this time of writing but little hope is entertained of his recovery. The circumstances are as follows: On the 27th inst. while Mr. Gabriel Adams, with his hired help, was engaged in pitching hay with a horse-fork, (Mr. Adams being in the mow) the chain by which the pulley was attached broke just as a forkfull was dropped, letting the fork fall upon Mr. Adams, one tine of which entered the head nearly four inches forward and above the right ear. Surgeon Connor of Springwater was immediately called, but gave no encouragement to hope for his recovery. Dr. Smith of the same place also called, and decided he could not survive. At first his mind wandered, but he has recovered consciousness and tells the neighbors the particulars of the accident. A portion of brain matter was lost at the time of injury, and small portions are taken from the wound daily. No fever or inflamation yet appears, and the friends and community hope for the best yet fear the worst. Mr. Adams is an honorable and upright citizen, and has many friends.


From the Naples Record, 19 August 1876

Canadice - It becomes our painful duty to chronicle the death of our townsman and friend, Mr. Gabriel Adams, of whom we made special mention in our last as the subject of a serious accident. Soon after our writing he began to fail rapidly, and lost his mind almost entirely. Fever and inflamation began to rage, and it became evident that death must soon ensue. Dr. Richmond of Livonia was called in council, and also decided that there was no hope. On the 7th inst. Mr. Adams closed his eyes to all that is earthy, and, we trust, awoke to the glories of an immortal existence.

A post mortem examination was held by Drs. Conner and Smith, which revealed the extent of the injury, which was greater than at first supposed.

Mr. Adams had entered his 49th year, and leaves a wife and two children (one of whom is married) and a large circle of relatives and friends to mourn his untimely and tragic death. He has long been a resident of this community, and was known as a straight-forward, honest, christian man, a kind husband and father, and was respected by all. His funeral rites were conducted at the M. E. Church, Rev. S. M. Dayton officiating, and his remains laid in the new cemetery. A larger audience was in attendance than could gain admission. The friends are comforted in the thought that he had an abiding faith in the atonement, which he expressed during his last hours of consciousness.

The Obituary of Charlotte Jackman Adams

1834 - 27 May 1899

From the Livonia Gazette, 14 April 1899

Canadice - Mrs. Charlotte Adams went to Hornellsville last Monday. She has been in poor health for the past six months and has gone there for medical treatment.


From the Naples News, 1 June 1899

Canadice - Mrs. Charlotte Adams a life long resident of this town departed this life on Saturday the 27 inst. Besides a large circle of friends she leaves two daughters, two sisters and two brothers to mourn their loss.


From the Cohocton Times, 7 June 1899

Canadice - Mrs. Charlotte Adams, who has been a great sufferer with cancer of the throat, died last Saturday evening at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Henry Branch. She leaves two daughters and two brothers and sisters, besides a large circle of friends.

The funeral will be held Tuesday at 2 o’clock at the church. Interment in the Canadice cemetery.

The Burial of Gabriel Adams

The Canadice Corners Cemetery

The Burial of Charlotte Jackman Adams

The Canadice Corners Cemetery

Newspaper articles from FultonHistory.com