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George C. Andruss and Sarah A. Terbush of Hemlock NY

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Believed to be George C. Andruss of Canadice NY circa 1860.

Courtesy of Canadice NY Historian, Margaret Bott.



Sarah A. Terbush Andruss Hancock of Hemlock NY on 27 August 1900.

Courtesy of Canadice NY Historian, Margaret Bott.



Sarah A. Terbush Andruss Hancock of Hemlock NY circa 1907.

Sarah holds her great grandson John B. Haines.

Courtesy of Canadice NY Historian, Margaret Bott.

The Family of George Cornelius Andruss and Sarah A. Terbush Andruss




birth place

death place

George C. Andruss


4 January 1824 - 2 April 1870

Jerusalem NY

Canadice NY

Sarah A. Terbush Andruss


12 March 1827 - 20 July 1911

Barrington NY

Hemlock NY



11 July 1844



Cornelius J. Andruss


7 October 1845 - 22 May 1924

Canadice NY

Canandaigua NY

Esther Andruss


13 February 1847 - 11 July 1927

Canadice NY

Hemlock NY

Almira “Myra” Andruss


12 May 1849 - 10 April 1928

Canadice NY

Glendale CA

Gertrude M. Andruss


1867 - 22 January 1946

Unknown place

Canandaigua NY





The Parents of George C. Andruss

Zebina C. Andruss and Almira Garlick Andruss

The Parents of Sarah A. Terbush Andruss

Cornelius Terbush and Ester Angell


Andruss Family Tree


Garlick Family Tree


Terbush Family Tree


Angell Family Tree

2nd Marriage of Sarah A. Terbush Andruss

Robert T. Hancock and Sarah A. Terbush Andruss Hancock

The Obituary of George C. Andruss

4 January 1824 - 2 April 1870

From the Ontario County Times, 13 April 1870

The report of death of George Andrus, Esq., of Canadice, which reached us last week, we are sorry to say, is confirmed by later intelligence. The sad event occurred on the morning of the 2d.

Mr. Andruss took his seat at the breakfast table that morning appearing as well as usual and rather more than ordinarily cheerful, and after asking a blessing and helping the several persons present to such food as they desired, was asked by his wife if he could think of anything that he would relish better than what had been provided for the family. His appetite was generally poor, and she had been in the habit of preparing for him from time to time such delicacies as he could eat with the most satisfaction. He replied to her question, saying he would like a boiled egg. Mrs. A. immediately left the table for the purpose of getting the desired article, but as she was about entering the pantry where the eggs were kept, observed that her husband had assumed a slightly leaning position, with his head thrown back. This was noticed by other members of the family at the same instant, and all moved to afford relief, when the sad truth was disclosed that he was dead. The dread messenger had come without warning, and no opportunity was given for a farewell word or a parting kiss to the bereaved wife and children.

Mr. Andrus was a man of estimable character, an honored and useful citizen, and widely respected for his many virtues. He had held the position of Supervisor through four successive terms, and before being elected to that office was for many years a Justice of the Peace. Having faithfully discharged his duties, both as a private citizen and a public officer, he leaves as a precious heritage to his children a name which has never been tarnished by a single dishonorable or unworthy act.

His age was forty-six years and three months.

The Obituary of Sarah A. Terbush Andruss Hancock

12 March 1827 - 20 July 1911

From the Livonia Gazette, 21 July 1911

Mrs. Sarah A. Hancock, an old and respected resident of Hemlock, died at her home in that village yesterday morning, after an illness of nearly a year, at the age of 84.

Mrs. Hancock, whose maiden name was Sarah Terbush, was born in Barrington, Yates county, and was married to George Andruss of Canadice July 11, 1844 and lived in that town until 1881. Mr. Andruss died April 2, 1870. In December, 1880 she was again married to the Rev. R. T. Hancock of Hemlock, and went to that place to reside soon after, which had since been her home. Mr. Hancock died in 1888. She was the last of a family of ten children.

She is survived by one son, Dr. C. J. Andruss of Canandaigua, and three daughters, Ester Andruss and Mrs. J. W. Beam of Hemlock and Mrs. George H. Nelson of Watertown.

The funeral will be held from her late home Saturday at 10 o’clock and the burial will be at Canandaigua.

The Burial of George C. Andruss

Woodlawn Cemetery in Canandaigua NY

The Burial of Sarah A. Terbush Andruss Hancock

Woodlawn Cemetery in Canandaigua NY

Newspaper articles from FultonHistory.com