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The Branch Family Tree

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G1 - Stephen Branch (1816-1855) and Sarah A. Friday (1821-1893)

The Friday Family

G2 - Thomas A. Branch I (1840-1905) and Mary E. Bidlack (1839-1905)

The Bidlack Family

G3 - Rufus S. Branch (1869-1883)


G4 - No Descendants


G3 - Miles E. Branch (1871-1933) and Harriett M. Garnsey (1872-1955)

The Garnsey Family

G4 - Erma Branch (1892-death) and Arthur Drum (birth-death)

The Drum Family

G4 - Mazel Branch (1898-death) and Arthur Muck (birth-death)

The Muck Family

G3 - John W. Branch (1873-1943) and Luna S. ?? (1871-death)

The Spouse’s Family

G4 - Unknown Descendants


G3 - Anna C. Branch (1875-1922) and Jacob Milliman (1873-1960)

The Milliman Family

G3 - Thomas E. Branch II (1877-1885)


G4 - No Descendants


G3 - Montgomery W. Branch (1880-1954) and May W. ??

The Spouse’s Family

G4 - Unknown Descendants


G2 - Sarah Ann Branch (1841-1920) and Caleb Skilton (1835-1910)

The Skilton Family

G2 - Emily J. Branch (1846-1930) and Clark Rix (1843-1925)

The Rix Family

G2 - Henry C. Branch (1849-1930) and 1st wife Emily A. Parshall (1846-1872)

The Parshall Family

G3 - Alice Branch (1871-1872)


G4 - No Descendants


G2 - Henry C. Branch (1849-1930) and 2nd wife Margaret Adams (1853-1930)

The Adams Family

G3 - Clarence G. Branch (1877-1952) and Lola A. Bill (1880-1961)

The Bill Family

G4 - No Known Descendants


G2 - George O. Branch (1851-1934) and Mary E. Skinner (1857-1938)

The Skinner Family

G3 - No Known Descendants


G2 - Albert Branch (1851-1851)


G3 - No Descendants


G2 - Martha Branch (1854-1855)


G3 - No Descendants