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Ira H. Briggs and Mary E. Greenman of Richmond NY

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Mary E. Greenman and Ira H. Briggs at the Turner Homestead on Marrowback road in Hemlock NY circa 1924.

Courtesy of Ann Briggs Brown.



The double wedding of Ira Briggs to Mary Greenman and Burnell Briggs to Alice Harvey. Burnell and Alice were married at noon and Ira and Mary were married at 7 o’clock that evening.

Click the image to identify people. Courtesy of Ann Briggs Brown.

The Family of Ira Harder Briggs and Mary Esther Greenman Briggs




birth place

death place

Ira H. Briggs


1901 - 13 March 1990

Hemlock NY

Richmond NY

Mary E. Greenman Briggs


23 October 1905 - 24 June 1993

Unknown place

Richmond NY



28 June 1924



Lawrence G. Briggs


2 June 1925 - 1 October 2010

Richmond NY

Hemlock NY

John Tice

foster son




Joesph Tice

foster son




Alga Schneider

foster daughter




Kathleen Watson

foster daughter




June Gillman

foster daughter








The Parents of Ira H. Briggs

Charles A. Briggs and Lulu A. Harder

The Parents of Mary E. Greenman Briggs

Francis W. Greenman and Charlotte Rowley Greenman

Briggs Family Tree

Harder Family Tree


Greenman Family Tree


Rowley Family Tree

A Double Wedding

Marriage of Burnell G. Briggs and Miss Alice Harvey at Noon

Marriage of Ira Briggs and Miss Mary Esther Greenman in Evening

From the Livonia Gazette, 4 July 1924


The double wedding of Ira Briggs to Mary Greenman and Burnell Briggs to Alice Harvey on 28 June 1924. From left to right: Charles Briggs, Burnell Briggs, Lulu Harder Briggs, Ira Briggs, Mary Briggs, Francis Greenman, Alice Briggs, Ruth Greenman and little Charlotte Greenman.

At high noon Saturday, June 28, at the home of the bride’s parents in Hemlock, Miss Alice Grace Harvey, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Grant Harvey, and Mr. Burnell George Briggs were united in marriage by the Rev. H. F. Myers. The bride was attended by Miss Mary Greenman and the groom was attended by his brother, Mr. Ira Briggs.

Immediately before the ceremony Miss Doretta Rynders sang “I Love You Truly.” The wedding march was rendered by Mrs. Clayton Harvey, sister-in-law of the bride. The bridal party stood under a beautiful arch of ferns and roses, and the house was beautifully decorated with roses, peonies and ferns. The bride wore sand colored crepe-de-chine and carried a shower bouquet of pink and white sweet peas. The bridesmaid wore white satin and carried white roses. Following the ceremony a bountiful wedding dinner was served, covers being laid for ten at the bride’s table.

The out-of-town guests included Mr. and Mrs. Harold Harvey of Rochester, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Briggs, Burnell Briggs, Leonard Briggs and Miss Mabel Harder of Conesus, Miss Doretta Rynders of North Cohocton, Miss Mary Greenman and Mr. Frank Flood of Honeoye and Miss Margaret Blair of Livonia. After a brief wedding trip the couple will be at home at Conesus. The pre-nuptial events included a shower given by Miss Ruby Harvey and a dinner and shower given by Miss Mildred Blank. The bride was the recipient of many beautiful gifts.


At 7 o’clock on the evening of Saturday, the 28th, in the presence of relatives and friends of the contracting parties the marriage of Miss Mary Esther Greenman, the oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Francis Greenman of Honeoye, and Mr. Ira Harder Briggs, oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Briggs of Conesus, was celebrated at the home of the bride’s parents. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. H. F. Myers. The Episcopal double ring service was used. The bride was given in marriage by her father and the couple was attended by Mr. and Mrs. Burnell Briggs.

To the strains of Mendelsohn’s wedding march, beautifully rendered by Mrs. H. F. Myers, the bridal party entered and took its place beneath an evergreen arch artistically decorated with roses. The color scheme of pink and white was used throughout, the living rooms being daintily festooned.

The bride was very attractive in her gown of white crepe de chine and carried an old-fashioned bouquet of flowers. The bridesmaid wore white voile and carried a shower bouquet of pink and white sweet peas. The bride was the recipient of many beautiful gifts.

The out-of-town guest included Mr. and Mrs. Charles Briggs, Mr. and Mrs. Burnell Briggs, Leonard Briggs and Miss Mabel Harder of Conesus; Mrs. Lulu Cornish and Miss Edith Cornish of Canandaigua; Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Purcell, Mrs. Nancy Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Rowley and Miss Millie Rowley of Hemlock and Miss Mildred Seward of Canandaigua.

Following the ceremony a delicious wedding dinner was served, covers being laid at the bride’s table for ten. Immediately after dinner Mr. and Mrs. Briggs left for a brief wedding tour after which they will be at home to their friends at Conesus.

Mary and Ira Briggs Celebrate 60th Anniversary

From the Livonia Gazette, 19 July 1984.

On June 28, 1924, the marriage of Ira Harder Briggs and Mary Esther Greenman took place at Honeoye.

Sixty years later this enduring union of these dear people was celebrated with an open house on July 1, 1984 at the Hemlock-Honeoye Legion Home.

Their six children, Lawrence Briggs of Hemlock, John Tice of Rochester, Joe Tice of Simpsonville, SC, Alga (Whelply) Schneider of Rochester, Kathleen (Watson) Dennis of Newark, and June (Gillman) Torongeau of Renova, PA and the spouses thereof, along with most of the 18 grandchildren, and 12 great-grandchildren, helped them make the celebration a memorable one.

Some of the children had joined Ira and Mary for the church service in the morning. And one couple attended the open house who had been present at the 1924 wedding.

It was a grand and happy occasion. Many flowers had been sent to the happy couple, from their church friends and family. A tribute was given from all of the children to their Dad and Mom, in honor of their 60 year marriage and all that the couple have done, not only for their own dear son Lawrence, but for all the other five mentioned above who have been the benefactors and recipients of continuous love and nurturing through all these wonderful years.

Ira and Mary have not only raised these six children, but have extended their loving arms to countless others who were in their home at different times. They are indeed, the epidome of hospitality; when someone says, “Come live with us a while,” and then you stay there till you’re all grown-up - that’s hospitality.

The couple looked beautiful in their snazzy duds and youthful smiles. Just like a new bride and groom. In fact the groom was caught stealing a kiss while the couple cut the anniversary cake.

There was a lovely festive air created by the music provided by Harold Rossborough on the accordian, Pastor Milroy on the guitar, and Burnell Briggs on the harmonica. There were a few couples dancing, and some who wished they could. At one point the musical ensemble played “Please Release Me.” All of us kids looked at each other and asked, “Who requested that?” Then one piped up “Probably Dad” and we all grinned. But - don’t worry - that was just our little joke. After living and loving for 60 years together a couple like this one still sings, “Let me call you sweetheart” and the band played that one too.

“The children again would like to say - Thank you, Dad and Mom, for all your self-sacrificing love and help, along the way. We love you both more than any words could ever express.”

The Writings of Ira H. Briggs

Memories of Ice Harvests on Hemlock Lake

Around 1901, Dad built an ice house. Us boys were big enough to help, so during Christmas vacation when the ice on Hemlock Lake got nice and thick we started hauling sleigh loads of ice up the Jacque Hill.

Ira H. Briggs


Memories of the Jacque Hill Accident

Mary A. Turner Harder died in 1892 because of a tragic buggy accident on the Jacque Hill near Hemlock Lake. Ira H. Briggs wrote this memory of the accident.

Ira H. Briggs


The Obituary of Ira H. Briggs

1901 - 13 March 1990

From the Springwater Valley News, 10 April 1990.

In memory of Ira H. Briggs, Hemlock, who passed away March 13, 1990 at age 88. He was born at the north end of Marrowback Road, Town of Livonia, son of Charles A. and Lulu Harder Briggs.

Survived by wife, Mary Greenman Briggs, son Lawrence, grandchildren, great grandchildren, several foster children, one brother, Burnell of Hemlock.

He was a long-time member of the Hemlock Baptist Church and was a deacon from early in his life until his death. He was for a time teacher of the Adult Bible Class and always on hand to help any way he could at the church. He will be missed by many relatives and friends.

Burnell Briggs, 26 March 1990.

The Obituary of Mary E. Greenman

23 October 1905 - 24 June 1993

From Unknown Newspaper

Hemlock - June 24, 1993. Survived by many children including Lawrence (Betty) Briggs of Livonia; several grandchildren and great-grandchildren; her sisters, Ruth Thompson and Betty Applin, both of Dansville; nieces and nephews.

Friends my call Sunday 2-4, 7-9 at the Kevin W. Dougherty Funeral Home, Rt. 15, Livonia where services will be held Monday at 11 a.m.

Burial at Curtis Cemetery, Honeoye. Memorial contributions to the Spring-Way Baptist Church or the Hemlock Baptist Church.

The Burial of Ira H. Briggs

Purcell Cemetery in Richmond NY

The Burial of Mary E. Greenman Briggs

Purcell Cemetery in Richmond NY

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