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Ezra Walker and Harriet Stewart of Springwater NY

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Photo of Ezra Walker.



Harriet Stewart Walker of Springwater NY c1880.

Courtesy of Donna Walker.

The Family of Ezra Walker and Harriet Stewart Walker




birth place

death place

Ezra Walker


20 February 1798 - 27 January 1850

Savoy MA

Springwater NY

Harriet Stewart Walker


11 December 1798 - 6 December 1883

Brattleboro VT

Springwater NY



Unknown date



William P. Walker I


1819 - 1876

Unknown place

Springwater NY

Mary H. Walker


1823 - 1890

Unknown place

Springwater NY

Lucy N. Walker


1825 - death

Unknown place

Unknown place

Nancy J. Walker


1827 - 1900

Unknown place

Unknown place

Charles W. Walker I


1830 - death

Unknown place

Unknown place

John L. Walker I


1832 - death

Unknown place

Unknown place

Harriet S. Walker


1833 - death

Unknown place

Unknown place

Ellen A. Walker


1842 - death

Unknown place

Unknown place

Lucinda C. Walker


1844 - death

Unknown place

Unknown place





The Parents of Ezra Walker

Mother and Father Walker

The Parents of Harriet Stewart Walker

John Stewart and Ruth Newton Stewart

Walker Family Tree


Husband’s Maternal Family Tree


Stewart Family Tree


Newton Family Tree

Christmas at the Walkers of Springwater

From the Canaseraga Times, 30 January 1880

Christmas day was one long to be remembered by the Walker family of Springwater. Mrs. Harriet Walker met her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to the number of forty at the residence of Nelson Willis, to enjoy a family re-union; and it was indeed a most enjoyable affair.

Of the children present there were Mrs. Mary Walker Willis and husband, Mrs. Lucy Walker Stratton and husband, Mrs. Jane Walker Parshall and husband, from Springwater, J. L. Walker and wife from Canaseraga.

The grandchildren present numbered about twenty-five, and great-grandchildren six. The children enjoyed going back to the old log house and living over the past days in memory. The life of the whole company was J. L. and Mrs. Lucy Walker Stratton. “Leland” seemed to be everywhere at the same time and wherever he went a big stir followed.

After a splendid dinner was done ample justice to the Willis quartet gave some music. Miss Rose Parshall gave a recitation which was followed by the reading of the chronicles of the Walker family from 1796, the birth of Ezra Walker, the father and grandfather. The whole number of Walkers from children to grandchildren is 70. From this number but nine have died. Among the death was that of Ezra the father in 1850. Ezra Walker and his wife moved to Springwater from Massachusetts in 1820. The same farm which they cleared up and settled upon is now occupied by William Walker a grandson.

The last of the exercises was a farewell recitation by Allen Walker of Canaseraga of a poem entitled “Auld Lang Syne” arranged for the occasion by his mother.

Mrs. Lucinda Walker Tenny of Holly, Mich., sent a memento of the occasion to her sisters and mother. She also sent a “Christmas Greeting” in rhyme which arrived too late to be read at the reunion. With your permission I will insert it here.

The reunion was broken at an early hour and each wound his way home with memories of other days brightened and heart full of thankfullness and a future looking bright and peaceful.

C. E. W - Springwater, Dec. 28th, 1879

The Christmas Greeting

To nephews and nieces, to sisters and brothers,

And last but not least to my dear darling mother,

Words of greeting I send, “Merry Christmas” to all

Who are gathered this evening at Willis’s hall.

When I first learned of this reunion by Charlies’ kind note,

My heart gave a bound right into my throat,

And I said to myself - “Now I surely must go,

If afoot, or on horseback, through rain, mud or snow.”

For an hour or so thoughts nearly run wild,

I’d no care for husband, for chick or for child;

All labor was irksome, each duty a task,

Can any one blame me, I would just like to ask?

But it was not very long ere I came to my senses,

Brought back by the question of, “paying expenses,”

And as calm follows storm in precarious May,

So the storm in my soul in due time passed away.

Then I said to myself as I cannot do better,

I will at least sit down and write them a letter,

And I will make a few gifts to hang on the tree,

To stir up their minds in remembrance of me.

Oh, those happy reunions they take no small part,

In binding kindred to kindred, heart closer to heart.

The chords of our love are apt to get broken,

If no kind word or deeds are e’er acted or spoken.

We are so much absorbed in our cares and our crosses,

Our trials and labors, our gains and our losses,

That we often forget what we owe to each other,

Or that each has in keeping the soul of his brother.

May we as a family each strive to cherish

Those bonds of affection which never perish.

Then with soul joined in a union of love,

Our homes will resemble the Eden above.

How often you’ve wished that Charles, Harriet and me,

With our families tonight of your number could be,

In your mirth and rejoicing to each have a share,

But it seems there must ever be some vacant chair.

And too, we remember the loved gone before,

Who have crossed o’er the river to Heaven’s fair shore,

To-night they are singing the songs of the feast,

Safely sheltered from sorrow on Jesus’ own breast.

There now they are waiting, when our life work is done,

And our father has sent us the message to “Come,”

With joy they will meet us, and welcome us home,

To those mansions of glory, thence no more to roam.

And though here on earth perhaps we may never

Again be permitted to mingle together

God grant in that final reunion above

Not one shall be missed from the home of His love.

Ever your daughter, sister and aunt, L. C. Walker Tenny.

The Obituary of Ezra Walker

20 February 1798 - 27 January 1850

No obituary found.

The Obituary of Harriet Stewart Walker

11 December 1798 - 6 December 1883

From the Canaseraga Times, 14 December 1883

Springwater - Mrs. Harriet Walker died at Springwater, Livingston Co., N.Y. Thursday Dec. 6th 1883, in the 85th year of her age.

The deceased was one of the pioneer residents of the town of Springwater, having moved in there some 65 years ago when the town was an almost unbroken forest. Her husband, who died in 1850, was the first to lay out a road through the town.

The Burial of Ezra Walker

Ashley Cemetery in Springwater NY

The Burial of Harriet Stewart Walker

Ashley Cemetery in Springwater NY

Newspaper articles from FultonHistory.com