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The Wemett Family Tree

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G1 - The Wemett Family of Quebec Canada


G2 - Andrew Wemett (1788-1861) and Joanna Macomber (1798-1841)

The Macomber Family

G3 - Charles P. Wemett I (1818-1896) and 1st wife Mahala Perry (birth-1859)

The Perry Family

G4 - Melford Wemett (1845-1870)


G5 - No Known Descendants


G4 - Enoch A. Wemett (1847-1874) and Emily Moose (1849-death)

The Moose Family

G5 - The Wemett Descendants


G4 - William L. Wemett (1850-1876) and Belle Struble (1859-1878)

The Struble Family

G5 - Ernst Wemett (birth-death)


G6 - Unknown Descendants


G4 - Herman F. Wemett (1853-1926) and Anna L. Sherwood (1855-1923)

The Sherwood Family

G5 - Luther H. Wemett (1876-1970) and Mary Jenks (1884-1969)

The Jenks Family

G6 - Wheeler L. Wemett (1908-1952)


G7 - No Known Descendants


G5 - Claude S. Wemett I (1890-1953) and Jennie A. Van Zandt (1890-1956)

The Van Zandt Family

G6 - Lorna E. Wemett (1916-1983) and William G. Bill (1914-2009)

The Bill Family

G6 - Alta Wemett (1922-1964) and Theodore P. Green (1919-2001)

The Green Family

G6 - Claude H. Wemett II (1928-1989) and Jane Farrer (birth-death)

The Farrer Family

G7 - John Wemett (birth-death) and Spouse (birth-death)

The Spouse’s Family

G8 - The Wemett Descendants


G7 - Jane Wemett (birth-death) and Mr. Bereznai (birth-death)

The Bereznai Family

G4 - Mahala R. Wemett (1857-1919) and Guy Baldwin (1856-1941)

The Baldwin Family

G4 - Adaline Wemett (1859-c1859)


G5 - No Descendants


G3 - Charles P. Wemett I (1818-1896) and 2nd wife Mary Ann Lindsey (1834-1911)

The Lindsey Family

G4 - Charles P. Wemett II (c1860-c1860)


G5 - No Descendants


G4 - Henry E. Wemett (1861-1934)


G5 - No Known Descendants


G4 - Mary E. Wemett (1864-death) and Francillo H. Stuart (birth-c1938)

The Stuart Family

G4 - Charles P. Wemett III (1872-death) and Hattie ? (1866-death)

The Spouse’s Family

G5 - Unknown Descendants


G3 - Joseph A. Wemett (1838-1865)


G4 - No Known Descendants


G3 - Orsemus S. Wemett (1840-1922) and Emeretta A. Wemett (1849-1933)


G4 - Alice M. Wemett (1878-1916) and Cyrus Swan (1835-1922)

The Swan Family

G2 - Joseph Wemett (1799-1870) and Elizabeth Welch (1803-1874)

The Welch Family

G3 - Six Unknown Children of Joseph Wemett (1799-1870) and Elizabeth Welch (1803-1874)


G3 - Julia A. Wemett (1825-1873) and Isaac Stephenson (1816-1875)

The Stephenson Family

G3 - William A. Wemett (1828-1899) and Huldah M. Goodwin (1840-1930)

The Goodwin Family

G4 - Emma U. Wemett (1851-1939) and John H. Adams (1858-1922)

The Adams Family

G3 - Mary Wemett (1829-1905) and John Brown (birth-death)

The Brown Family

G3 - Minerva A. Wemett (1833-1898) and Augustus G. Shepard (1823-1905)

The Shepard Family

G3 - Jane Wemett (1837-1850)


G4 - No Descendants


G3 - Elizabeth Wemett (1839-1902) and Erastus T. Wemett (birth-1909)


G3 - Henry J. Wemett (1841-1922) and Mary Ann Knapp (1842-1929)

The Knapp Family

G4 - Cora Wemett (1874-1958) and Edward W. Weeks (1871-1958)

The Weeks Family

G4 - Harry J. Wemett (1875-1922) and Florence ? (birth-death)

The Spouse’s Family

G5 - The Wemett Descendants


G4 - Dora E. Wemett (1877-1927)


G5 - No Known Descendants


G4 - Robert R. Wemett (1881-1956) and Mary L. Wilson (1882-1971)

The Wilson Family

G5 - The Wemett Descendants


G4 - William M. Wemett (1884-1965)


G5 - No Known Descendants


G4 - Frank I. Wemett (birth-death)


G5 - Unknown Descendants


G3 - George A. Wemett (1844-1929) and Frances Clemons (1853-1941)

The Clemons Family

G4 - Correl Wemett (1879-1937) and Cora Burmeister (1881-1974)

The Burmeister Family

G5 - The Wemett Descendants


G4 - Clarence E. Wemett (1885-1961) and Ada H. Jennings (1887-1934)

The Jennings Family

G5 - The Wemett Descendants


G4 - Ursla W. Wemett (1902-1987) and Everett E. Hayward (1898-1962)

The Hayward Family

G2 - Surrell “Cyril” Wemett (1816-1895) and Sarah Clark (1817-circa 1888)

The Clark Family

G3 - Henrietta E. Wemett (1844-1919) and Mr. Wilcox(birth-death)

The Wilcox Family

G3 - Emeretta A. Wemett (1849-1933) and Orsemus S. Wemett (1840-1922)


G3 - Theodore Scott Wemett (1851-1885) and Ella Sherwood (1847-1927)

The Sherwood Family

G4 - No Known Descendants


G2 - Mitchell Wemett (1828-1861) and 1st wife Minerva Cooke (1831-1849)

The Cooke Family

G3 - No Known Descendants


G2 - Mitchell Wemett (1828-1861) and 2nd wife Lucy A. Cheney (c1831-death)

The Cheney Family

G3 - Harvey W. Wemett (1851-1927) and Ida M. Trimmer (1856-1940)

The Trimmer Family

G4 - Lucy Wemett (1875-1922) and Lewis Schneck (birth-death)

The Schneck Family

G4 - Gracia E. Wemett (1877-1915) the 1st wife of William W. Hoppough (1877-1950)

The Hoppough Family

G4 - Edward T. Wemett (1884-1946) and Estella A. Tracy (1889-1956)

The Tracey Family

G5 - Garnard L. Wemett I (1918-1964) and Marian Imfeld Leberth (1923-1993)

The Imfeld Family

G6 - The Wemett Descendants


G5 - Miss Wemett (birth-death) and Arnold Bolger (birth-death)

The Bolger Family

G5 - Miss Wemett (birth-death) and Leo Lane (1924-1996)

The Lane Family

G4 - Ethel Wemett (1889-1975) and Oswald W. Locke (1889-1955)

The Locke Family