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William Trautlein and Helen Peabody Family Photo Gallery

William Trautlein and Helen Peabody often visited the family cottage at Canadice Lake NY. George M. Peabody, Helen’s father, was the original owner of the cottage on Canadice Lake. Here are photos of the times the family spent at Canadice Lake. Click any image to enlarge.

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William Trautlein Jr. and John Reynolds at Canadice Lake circa 1920.



The Trautlein children at Canadice Lake circa 1920. From left to right are: Robert, William Jr., Louise and Helen.



The Trautlein children with friends at Canadice Lake circa 1922 - 24. The three boys in the middle are William Jr. at the back and Robert with his arm around George. The girls on the right are Helen Marie at the back with Louise on her left. The other children are unidentified.



The Trautlein family at Canadice Lake circa 1926 - 30. From left to right are: Louise, George, Henry (in front), Stuart Miller (uncle), William Jr., Helen Marie and Robert.



William Trautlein Junior (front) and Senior with Helen Marie Peabody Trautlein in 1948, the year William Sr. died.



The Trautlein family at Canadice lake NY in 1926 - 30. Back row from left to right are: Helen Marie Peabody Trautlein, Monica Peabody, Helen Marie Trautlein, George, Hilda Peabody Reynolds, Robert. Children in front are: Henry David, Louise and William Jr. (kneeling).