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Tree Planting at Rochester Reservoir in 1916

Tree Plantings at Hemlock and Canadice Lakes

Unknown Author - Livonia Gazette

21 April 1916

The City of Rochester has bought 100,000 trees and is to put them around the lakes. One of the papers says: Rochester is going into the forestry business on a big scale this spring.

The superintendent of waterworks says that a shipment of 100,000 three and four year old trees will be sent to Rochester by the State Conservation Commission within the next few weeks, to be planted on the shores of Canadice and Hemlock lakes. Half of the 100,000 trees will be three years old, and the other half four years old. All will be white pines, which have been found most satisfactory in protecting water supply because they shed no leaves.

The city will pay for them at the rate of fifty cents a thousand, or $50 for the lot. Private purchasers, for the same kind of trees, will pay from $3l50 to $4 a thousand.

According to the plans of the superintendent the trees planted this year will cover approximately eighty acres. Tree planting on the lake shores was started several years ago, when the city began the acquisition of property to protect the lakes from pollution. Nearly 250,000 trees were planted last year.