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St. James Hotel at Hemlock Lake NY

The St. James Hotel at Hemlock Lake NY


The St. James Hotel at Hemlock Lake NY circa 1879. Click the image to enlarge.

Most of the hotels and cottages on Hemlock Lake were built in the latter half of the 19th century. The three story St. James Hotel opened in 1879 on the east shore of the lake. It was considered elegant for the time and had rooms for 60 guests.

The St. James stood forty by eighty feet on the ground, was three stories in height and was well furnished throughout. It was built in 1879 by Daniel S. Beam for Whitney and Ackley and was opened to the public in the summer of that year.

Whitney and Ackley had been its constant proprietors and the business it had done were its best recommendations. It was capable of accommodating sixty regular boarders besides transient ones. Here was found free picnic tables and seats; accommodating employees, and decidedly the best arranged public grounds on the lake.

As the City of Rochester acquired the lands around Hemlock and Canadice lakes the hotels and cottages were dismantled. Often the lumber and material were moved and used to build new houses elsewhere in the community. Much of the lumber from the St. James Hotel was used elsewhere.

Camp Meeting Accommodated by the St. James Hotel at Hemlock


Crowd at the St. James Hotel at Hemlock Lake NY. Click the image to enlarge. Photo courtesy of Tom Westbrook.

From the Livonia Gazette, 8 August 1884

Hemlock - The grounds of the St. James last Sunday were crowded with carriages, and hundreds took the boat at the dock, leaving their horses at the hotel barns. This was the handiest way to attend the camp-meeting.

The St. James does its share of the hotel business on the lake, and a pleasanter location, or a more convenient spot for picnics and excursions, cannot be found anywhere.

Whitney & Ackley give the free use of their grounds and tables to Sunday schools and other societies, a fact which ought to be and probably is appreciated.