Hemlock and Canadice Lakes

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Farm and Garden

Read Short Farm and Garden Clips here ->


Swine for Profit

The demand for breakfast bacon has given swine a send off they could not have received from any other source. Read the newest thoughts of the time about quickly growing pigs for profit.



Feeding Poultry in Winter

This article suggests that even your chickens need a little extra during the cold winters.


Good Words for Houdans

The Houdan chicken is often overlooked as a yard bird because of the wiry feathers that adorn its head. Here are some good words for the Houdans.



Abbotsford Pink and the Family of Dianthus

The Abbotsford Pink is entirely hardy, is colored a deep carmine, marbled with white, has a rich clove fragrance, and flowers in the greatest profusion in May and June, and again in the fall months.


Native flowers of Hemlock and Canadice Lakes

Ellen Folts of Amanda’s Garden has provided this information about the native flowers around Hemlock and Canadice Lakes.



Experiments With Strawberries

To one who contemplates setting a bed of strawberries the knowledge of the perfect flowering and pistillate varieties is necessary. Read an article of the time about growing strawberries.


The Quality of a Strawberry

The quality of a strawberry depends on a few critical factors. Read an article from 1890 about the newest thoughts.



Recent Developments in Apiaculture

Beekeepers are by no means behind the times. Mr. A. I. Root, in his “Bee and Honey Guide for 1891”, briefly notes some comparatively recent developments.


Task & Technique

Growing Two Crops at Once

Here you will find a suggestion about techniques for growing more than one crop in a garden.


Suggestions on Plowing

Here you will find a suggestion about plowing techniques but one must know the land before beginning.


Tips for Companion Planting

Companion gardening takes advantage of individual plant features to help each other resulting in increased crop productivity.


Water as Aid to Hard Wood

Here you will find suggestions about soaking hard woods before milling and curing.



Corn and its Cultivation

Why do some farmers drill in their corn while their neighbors are against the plan and in favor of check rowing? Read an article about the pros and cons.


Growing the Sweet Potato

Read an article about how Sweet Potatoes were cultivated and grown.