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Farm and Garden Clips

Cows in Stables

The following information was given about the space required for cows confined in stables at one of the Farmers’ institutes: Three feet and a half. My cows are given that much room, and are fastened by swing stanchions. The gutter has a slatted cover, and charcoal dust and land plaster are used as absorbents and disinfectants, keeping the stables sweet and clean. Jersey and Guernsey cows do not need more than three feet six inches in length in the stalls if the gutter has a slatted cover and the cows are fastened with swing stanchions. Holstein or other large cows will need a space a few inches longer.

Naples Record

18 February 1891

Examine Your Cows Carefully

When the cow’s hind legs are so close together that you cannot have full view of the udder from behind, or rub against it so as to make the udder swing backward and forward, you can depend upon it that she is not correctly built for a first class cow. The teats should be full size and set well apart, says Field and Farm.

Naples Record

18 February 1891