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The Coykendall Hotel

Aunt Sally and Uncle Joel Coykendall operated a travellers hotel at the Canadice Corners for many years. It became well known for its generous meals and grand parties.


circa 1860


The Hemlock Lake Holistic Health Center

The Holistic Health Center was located in St. Michael’s Mission in Conesus NY. It opened in September of 1979.


1979 to unknown.


The 1812 Country Store in Hemlock NY

The 1812 Country Store is located at the north end of the village of Hemlock NY. The store has a rich history and for years was operated by Ruth Woodruff.


1812 to present.

The Boots and Saddles Tavern in Hemlock NY

The Hemlock Boots and Saddles Tavern operated in what had been the Odd Fellows Building. Originally, the building was a cottage that had been moved from Hemlock Lake.


1920’s to 1970’s.

The Hemlock Canning Factory

The Hemlock Canning Factory was located on the north side of Hemlock NY. It was destroyed by fire in 1931.


1920’s to 1931.

The Hemlock Flying Service

From 1928 to 1938 there was a flying field at Hemlock NY. There was an air race to Cleveland and parachute jumps.


1928 - 1938.

The Halfway House at Hemlock Lake

The Hemlock Halfway House was originally a cottage on the east side of Hemlock Lake that accommodated guests. Some of the chimney still remains standing.


1885 to unknown

The Jacques House at Hemlock Lake

The Jacques House was located at the foot of Hemlock Lake NY, west of the two outlets which the lake had at that time. It was a large three-story house with a wing on the north end which was all of 75 feet long.


1850 to 1930

The LEDCO Company in Hemlock NY

Since 1973 the LEDCO company has been producing laminating equipment in Hemlock NY. Founded by George Swingle, it has remained an asset to the region.


1973 to present

The Metropolitan Hotel in Hemlock NY

The Metropolitan was opened as a hotel on Memorial Day, May 30, 1850. The south end of the building, which was the old original tavern, was erected about 1810.


1810 to 1977

The Morton Thurston Hotel in Hemlock NY

The Morton Thurston Hotel was located in Hemlock NY near the Lehigh Railroad station. This building was owned by two different people at different times.


circa 1920

The Red & White Store in Hemlock NY

The Red & White store in Hemlock was opened in 1922 by Earl and Ruth Collins. In later years, the store has been operated by Ruth and other members of the Collins family, particularly grandson, Don Collins.


1922 to 1984

The Scanlon Hotel in Hemlock NY

The Scanlon Hotel was located on the east side of Main Street in Hemlock NY. It was just north of the mill stream.



The St. James Hotel at Hemlock Lake

The St. James Hotel was located at the north east corner of Hemlock Lake. It was built circa 1879 and had rooms for 60 guests.




The Cannon Miller Company in Springwater NY

The Cannon Miller Company successfully manufactured earphone headsets for world wide uses for nearly 40 years.


1919 to 1958

The Springwater Creamery

The Springwater creamery began in 1897 when a small group of people organized and constructed a factory on Mill street.


1897 to unknown

The Davis - Hamilton Tree Farm in Springwater NY

The Davis - Hamilton Tree farm started in 1932 when A. A. Davis purchased 90 acres of eroded land with a burned out house for $90. The family turned the farm into their home and the National Outstanding Tree Farm in 1991.


1932 to unknown

The Gibson Potato Farm in Springwater NY

The Gibson Potato Farm of Springwater NY started in 1947 with only 3 acres. Eventually there were hundreds of acres of potatoes sold to Frito Lay.


1947 to 2002

The Gillis Print Shop in Springwater NY

The Gillis Print Shop operated in Springwater NY for a time. Not much is known about the shop or the people.


circa 1900

The Grover Smoke Shop in Springwater NY

The Grover Smoke and Barber shop was located in the Marvin building on south-west Main street. It also housed the post office at the time.


circa 1930

The Hardware Store in Springwater NY

The Hardware Store in Springwater NY was located at the four corners in the village. It was operated by Mr. Clarke then by Trimble and Krist.


circa 1950 - 1959

The Higgins Garage in Springwater NY

The Higgin’s Garage in Springwater NY. It was located on Mill street and then on Main street.


circa 1914 - 1940’s

The Humphrey Tree Farm in Springwater NY

The Humphrey Tree Farm is a family operated Christmas Tree farm that was started by William and Katherine Humphrey in 1968. They named their farm the “All Western Evergreen Nursery and Christmas Tree Farm”.


1968 to present

The Miller Lure Company in Springwater NY

The Miller Lure Company was started in 1930 by Edmund and Ethel Miller and produced famous fishing lures for 30 years. The factory was located on the south east corner in the center of Springwater.


1930 to 1958

The Red & White Store Springwater NY

The Red & White store in Springwater operated from about 1910 to 1960. The Haynes family were the proprietors in the 1950’s.


1910 to circa 1960

The Springwater Retreat

The Springwater Center was founded by Toni Packer in 1981. It is located about two miles north of Springwater on 200 acres of land adjacent to the state forest surrounding Hemlock Lake.


1981 to present

The Schnucker’s Book and Antique Store Springwater NY

Daniel and Dorothy Schnucker opened their book and antique store in Springwater in 1959. Their business was a landmark on the trip through the village of Springwater.


1959 - unknown

The Schultz Hardware Springwater NY

The John Schultz Hardware store was located on Mill street next to the old town hall building. It was open in the mid 1950’s.


circa 1950’s

The Shag Hickory Farm Springwater NY

The Shag Hickory farm was owned by Peter Burdick from about 1880. In about 1916 Peter’s son Charles took over the farm. Then in 1967 Phillip and Patricia Willsea purchased the farm.


1880 to present

Webster’s Crossing

The Grandview Dairy in Webster’s Crossing NY

The Grandview Dairy Co-op was originally formed because area producers were threatened with the loss of the New York market due to a new state law. A number of dairy farmers in the area were the organizers.

Webster’s Crossing

1934 to 1984