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Events Time Line

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Clinton - Sullivan expedition begins.

In September of 1779 the Generals Clinton and Sullivan arrived at Hemlock Lake and began their expedition to suppress the hostile Native Indians of the region.


Philip Short settles at the north end of Hemlock lake.

Philip Short was an early settler to the Hemlock Lake area. On his grave stone is written “He settled in this country in AD 1796”. Philip Short died in 1810.


Hemlock Lake settlement begins.

By 1800 there were some early settlers, a few mills and a hermit named Maloy at Hemlock Lake. Other settlers followed, many of whom built their first dwellings along the lakeshore. Hemlock Lake itself became a sort of highway for the settlement of the region.


Springwater town was formed.

Springwater was formed from Sparta and Naples on April 17, 1816. Seth Knowles, however, was the first settler who came along Hemlock lake in March of 1807 travelling over the ice with all his family and possessions.


Conesus town was formed.

Conesus was formed from Livonia and Groveland, as “Freeport” on April 12, 1819. Its name was changed to “Browersville” on March 26, 1825 and finally to Conesus on April 15, 1825.


Canadice town is formed.

Canadice was formed under its present name on the 15th of April, 1829. Earlier it was a part of Richmond, Honeoye and Pittstown as a part of Ontario County.


Jacksonville NY for sale.

Jacksonville had its beginning in approximately 1823. By 1833 it was advertised for sale across the state. By 1856 it was a “ghost town”.


Jacksonville fades into history.

Jacksonville had its beginning in approximately 1823, when Ichabod Andrew Holden, a prominent resident and distillery owner in Slab City (Hemlock) decided to expand his profitable operations. By 1856 it was a “ghost town”.


First water from Hemlock Lake is delivered to Rochester citizens.

Hemlock Lake water entered the pipeline in January of 1876 and was being delivered to city residents by September. Here are the history & photos of the laying of the pipeline from Hemlock Lake to the City of Rochester.


Frederick Douglass Visits Old Friends at Honeoye.

The Hon. Fred Douglass, of Washington, D. C., came to this place last Saturday and took the stage for Honeoye, where he stayed over Sunday with Gideon Pitts.


Hemlock Fair begins.

In 1866, it is told, that a large crowd assembled in front of the Metropolitan Hotel to discuss the possibility of a fair. That was the beginning of what later became known as The Slab City Fair, The Little World’s Fair, and just plain Hemlock Fair. In 1877, a two day fair was held.


Canadice Strawberry Festival begins.

The first strawberry festival of the Canadice Church was held on Saturday, June 28, 1879. Admission in 1879 was 25 cents. The 75th anniversary of the festival was celebrated in June of 1954. The admission in 1954 was $1.25.


“Onehda Tecarneodi” or Up and Down the Hemlock published by D. B. Waite.

This little work is intended to comprise in a cheap and convenient form all the pleasure and health-seeking public may wish to know concerning Hemlock Lake. Thus opens D. B. Waite’s book about Hemlock Lake.


Sewage Disposal and Pail System comes to Hemlock Lake by Rafter & Baker.

In the 1885 a pail sewage disposal system was implemented at Hemlock Lake to protect the threatened lake. For six years a steamboat made its rounds to collect pails for proper disposal of waste.


“Early History of Springwater NY” published by Orson Walbridge.

The history of the Town of Springwater dates back scarcely one hundred years and it was not until about the beginning of the present century that any permanent settlements were made here. Read more here.


The Centennial Celelbration of Pittstown.

The Centennial Celebration of Pittstown in 1889 was a historical event. By that time, Pittstown had been divided into the towns of Richmond, Canadice, Livonia and Conesus. Written histories, recollections, poems and songs were presented at the celebration event.


Report of Typhoid Fever at Springwater NY by Rafter & Mallory.

In 1889 typhoid fever broke out in Springwater. This is a report from the Rochester Academy of Science in 1891 that breaks down the sequence of events that followed.


The Niles Cornet Band is formed.

In 1892 Harry Niles and his wife Mary Connolly of Springwater NY formed the Niles Cornet Band. It became a well known group that played throughout the lakes region.


Buggy Accident on Jacques Hill Road in Hemlock NY

In 1892, Mary Turner Harder died from injuries she received in a buggy accident on Jacques Hill Road in Hemlock NY. Read the news article here.


Lehigh Valley railroad service arrives at Hemlock lake.

The Lehigh Valley Railroad began providing service to Hemlock lake in 1893. It connected with Lima, Honeoye Falls and Rochester to the north.


A Meeting of the Canadice Literary Society.

See a photo of the group taken in 1896 at the Barringer farm. As early as 24 April 1885 the Canadice Literary Society meet at Gilbert Owen’s place in Canadice.


The Reynold Gull Bridge collapses.

The covered bridge at the North Gully collapsed suddenly in 1902. It was replaced with a metal truss bridge not long after.


Springwater Town Picnic.

In 1906 the town of Springwater held one of its earliest known town picnics. The tradition continues today with the Springwater Gala and the Springwater Fiddlers Fair.


Fire in Hemlock

In February of 1908 a fire destoryed the Woodruff Block on Main street in Hemlock NY.


Canadice Town Picnic.

In 1909 the town of Canadice held one of its earliest known town picnics. It is believed that the picnic was held at what is now known as the Harriet Park overlooking the Honeoye valley.


Springwater Advent Church Picnic.

In 1909 a picnic was held by the Advent Church of Springwater. It is believed that the picnic was held at the park that once existed at Canadice lake. A large crowd attended and pictures were taken.


Rochester Aldermen Visit Hemlock and Canadice Lakes

A number of the members of the Rochester board of aldermen made a visit to Hemlock and Canadice lakes in 1911.


Buggy Accident on Depot Road in Springwater NY

In 1913, Herman Struble had a buggy accident going down Depot Road in Springwater. The horse harness broke and Herman lost control. No one died but the passengers were injured. Read the news article here.


Dixon Hollow fades into history.

Dixon Hollow was a small milling community located along the Canadice Outlet between Hemlock and Canadice Lakes prior to 1920. By the 1940’s it was all but removed to make way for the reservoir of the City of Rochester.


Old Home Day at Punky Hollow School

The Old Home Day was a school class reunion held for 50 years by students and teachers who attended the Punky Hollow School #17 in Springwater NY. The first Old Home Day reunion was held on 18 August 1923.


A Double Wedding for the Briggs Brothers

On the 28th of June 1924 occurred the double wedding of the Briggs brothers. Ira married Mary Greenman and Burnell married Alice Harvey


Hemlock Flying Service Opened

The Hemlock Flying Service was opened in 1928 and operated for about 10 years. There were parachute drops, derby races and the first helicopter appearance in Hemlock.


The Hemlock School Fire in 1928

In 1928 the Hemlock High School burned to the ground for unknown reasons. All was lost but some school records that were in the principals office.


Bridge Removal at Hemlock Lake Outlet.

In 1929, it was proposed to remove the bridge at the Hemlock Lake outlet. The bridge had been there since before 1900.


Clinton - Sullivan plagues erected to commemorate campaign.

Plagues commemorating the campaigns of Generals Clinton and Sullivan in 1779 were erected along their route across New York State, including the foot of Hemlock Lake.


Frank Connor publishes his “Tales of the Past” articles about Hemlock and Canadice.

Frank Connor, the Livonia historian, wrote his historical essays about the people, places and incidents in the towns of the Hemlock and Canadice Lakes area.


Last Cottage on Hemlock Lake is sold.

In 1930 the Scott family sold its cottage to the City of Rochester. The watershed was cleared of cottages to protect the cities drinking water.


Graduation of Springwater Class of 1936.

Commencement festivities for Springwater Union School began Friday evening when the grade commencement was held in Springwater Town Hall for eighteen eighth grade graduates.


Doris Gillette of Springwater NY in 1937.

Doris Gillette, an 18 year old high school senior from Springwater NY, was chosen as Livingston county’s Blossum Queen.


Hemlock Basketball Champs in 1934 - 1937.

The Hemlock High School basketball team won the section “C” title again. Their three-year record was 39 wins and 4 Losses from 1934 to 1937.


Coykendall Hotel in Canadice Razed

Aunt Sal and Uncle Joel Coykendall lived in a big house on the south east corner in Canadice Corners. It was removed in 1940. Mrs. Van Duyne wrote a short history about the well known place and it occupants.


Springwater Gasless Parade

Springwater had a “gasless parade” on 27 August 1941 as part of the Flower Festival. Fuel rationing was a part of the war effort but didn’t stop the parade.


“Beautiful Hemlock” published by Arch Merrill.

Down from the hills come the voice of Hemlock, like the skirl of bagpipes, wild and haunting and a bit mournful. Thus opens Arch Merrill’s article about the beautiful Hemlock Lake.


Veteran’s Memorial for the Hemlock School

On memorial day in 1950 a veteran’s memorial was dedicated at the Hemlock High school. A plague was installed with the three men from Hemlock who died in WW II.


Last Cottage on Canadice Lake is sold.

In 1951 the City of Rochester auctioned off the last Cottage on Canadice lake. The watershed was cleared of cottages to protect the cities drinking water.


Springwater Floods of 1953.

In 1953 rains came so heavy in Springwater that roads were flooded and debris was piled 4 feet high in places.


The Schnucker’s Book and Antique Store Springwater NY

Daniel and Dorothy Schnucker opened their book and antique store in Springwater in 1959. Their business was a landmark on the trip through the village of Springwater.


Springwater Sesquicentennial

Without a doubt, the most exciting event that ever happened in the Springwater Valley occurred during the week of 18-25 June in 1967.


Hemlock Bicentennial

On May 8, 1976 a small group of citizens gathered at the Hemlock Firehouse to recognize the 200th year anniversary of the establishment of Hemlock NY.


Metropolitan Hotel in Hemlock burns to the ground.

Fire completely destroyed the Metropolitan Hotel in Hemlock on Monday morning, 2 May 1977. Firemen from Hemlock and nine other companies worked for over seven hours before the flames leveled the hotel, a local landmark well over 170 years old.


Collins’ Red and White Store closed.

The end of an era came to Hemlock with the closing Earl and Ruth Collins Red and White grocery store. For years the small store on Main Street served the community shoppers.


108th anniversary of the Canadice strawberry festival

The First Canadice Strawberry Festival was in 1879. Admission in 1879 was 25 cents. The 108th anniversary was in 1987. The fees in 1987 were $5 for adults and $2.50 for children.


Water Treatment plant is built at Hemlock lake.

The City of Rochester was required to construct a water treatment plant on Hemlock Lake to improve the quality of water delivered to Rochester.


Finger Lakes Fiber Arts Festival begins.

The Fiber Arts Festival began in 1994 and continues its devotion to all fiber arts. Hand spinning, weaving, knitting, felting. The event includes: classes, demonstrations, herding dog demos, competitions, exhibits, 80+ vendors and more.


Springwater Gala begins.

The Springwater Gala began in 1999 as a small village picnic at the American Legion. It included Fireman’s waterball contest, parades, breakfast, kiddie carnivals and fire drills, music and fireworks.


Springwater Fiddlers Fair begins.

The Springwater Fiddlers Fair began in 2009 as an all-day musical event for the whole family. There were a variety of music workshops, arts and craft shows and demonstrations. The fair grew and in 2016 changed its name to the Springwater Music Fair and American Crafts Show.


Hemlock reservoir land transferred to State of New York.

New York state completed the purchase of Hemlock and Canadice lakes from the City of Rochester for $13.7 million. The transaction will preserve and protect the last two undeveloped Finger Lakes of New York State.

April 2016

Springwater Bicentennial

The town of Springwater was passed into law in New York State on 17 April 1816. In 2016 the town celebrated by sponsoring many events through out the year.

July 2016

Black Bear Swims Hemlock Lake

Matthew Garrity caught on video this Black Bear swimming across Hemlock Lake on 18 July 2016.

October 2017

Jane Barnard and Barbara Connolly Classroom Dedication

Jane Barnard and Barbara Connolly, were honored on Saturday, 14 October 2017 by the Little Lakes Community Association (LLCA). Two classrooms in the school were named in their honor with plaques at the doorways.