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“Anecdotes” by Mrs. Maude Van Duyne

Even Seasons Advance in this Fast-Moving World

Mrs. Maude Van Duyne

From the Wayland Register, 26 September 1957

How much later in the year the seasons seem than they did 25 years ago. This year, with one week left in September, the weather seems much later, with so many unusually cool days in August and September.

Many of the farm crops have been harvested; considerable corn, beans and potatoes have been secured; most wheat has been sown.

The farm machinery used now operates so much faster than that used 25 years ago, that crops are harvested in much less time, even though the acreage is larger, and help is more scarce. Tomatoes have been gathered, grapes are well started, leaves are turning fast.

Haying is pretty well finished in June, now, when in earlier days many did not begin haying before July 4th. When hops were grown in Canadice, the hop-picking season would just nicely be finished at this time in September, and we still had Hemlock Fair to enjoy. Now the fair has been over nearly a month, and we suppose 1958 attractions are being planned. A nice field of buckwheat still standing reminds us of buckwheat pancakes and Christmas, which we still celebrate on Dec. 25, and which the children are beginning to talk about.

So, with work pretty well taken care of, we will wait for Christmas and prepare to enjoy it when it arrives.

Editor’s Note: Mrs. Willis Van Duyne was a frequent contributor of historical sketches and other material to the Wayland Register. She lived much of her life in Canadice NY.