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Hemlock Fair Newspaper Articles

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A report on the Hemlock Fair of 1872

1872 was apparently a good year for the Hemlock Fair. It was reported that the weather was very fine, attendance was up as well as profits.

Unknown Newspaper

Unknown Author


The Hemlock Fair in 1890 is Announced

In 1890 the Hemlock Fair held balloon ascensions with parachute drops, tight rope walks as well as the usual horse races.

Livonia Gazette

Unknown Author


Some Background of the Fair in 1905

Frank Connor writes of the background of the Hemlock Fair and some of the stories he recalls of that time.

Livonia Gazette

Frank Connor


Ape Wrestling at the Hemlock Fair

Noell’s Ark Gorilla Show was at the Hemlock Fair in 1962. Spectators could wrestle with the apes for money.

Livonia Gazette

Unknown Author