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The William H. Norton Homestead in Springwater NY



A sketch of Dr. William H. Norton’s home in Springwater NY. It is believed that this home sat very close to the Canadice - Springwater town line. In fact, the house of Dr. J. B. Norton is shown on the 1872 map of Springwater sitting next to the School #10. It was on the main road going north out of Springwater just before the town line. The sketch of the “Glen on the Farm” may refer to what is called Reynolds Gull which is also shown on the map.

According to Havilah Towland, Springwater historian, Norton was one of the first doctors in this area. And according to Wallbridge, William H. Norton was the son of Dr. John B. Norton.

“Dr. John B. Norton was the next. He came here about 1824 and commenced practice as a physician and surgeon, and selling goods in company with Harvey S. Tyler. He met with success, and was liked as a doctor generally but he is too well remembered to need anything in particular from me. He left a number of children. One son, William H. Norton, is the only one residing in this town.”



The Norton homestead can be seen within the red circle on this portion of the Springwater map of 1872.

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The homestead photo and information are courtesy of Judy Tripp-Neu.