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News Article

Pet Deer at Hemlock Lake Park

Unknown Author - The Livonia Gazette

19 August 1948



Pet Deer at Hemlock Lake Park.

Something new has been added in the way of attraction at Hemlock Lake park this summer, in the form of Bambi, a tobacco-chewing potential mama deer. All day long Bambi roams the woodlots but when the sun begins to sink in the west, she heads for the home of her master, Matt Berry, superintendent of the city’s water works to get her daily ration of graham crackers and she is so punctual each day that Mr. Barry says one could set their watch by her arrival.

Mr. Barry found Bambi, as an ailing fawn, over a year ago and brought her up on a bottle. She consumed about three quarts of milk daily, Mr. Barry states, and as she regained her strength would forage on her own in the daytime but would return each evening. It costs Mr. Barry more than a dollar a week to keep Bambi supplied with her delicacy, graham crackers, for everyone feeds her from the same supply, children and visitors as well as her master.

As to Bambi’s propensities toward tobacco chewing, it is interesting to note that she sure knows her tobacco. Just offer her pipe tobacco and she isn’t interested, but offer her good old chewing tobacco and see what happens. She forgets she’s supposed to be a lady.

On inquiring from Mr. Barry what would happen to Bambi during the hunting season this fall, he stated that when she comes in for crackers a few nights before the hunting season, she will be locked in the barn until the season is over, whether she likes it or no. So visitors at the park can be assured of feeding Bambi next summer.