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Glen D. Abrams and Emma Walker of Wayland NY

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Photo of Glen D. Abrams.

Courtesy of Elmira Star Gazette.



Photo of Emma Walker Abrams.

The Family of Glen D. Abrams and Emma Walker Abrams




birth place

death place

Glen D. Abrams


1858 - 20 March 1938

Wayland NY

Wayland NY

Emma Walker Abrams

2nd wife

1851 - 4 May 1912

Unknown place

Wayland NY



Unknown date



No Known Descendants









The Parents of Glen D. Abrams

Mr. Abrams and Harriet E. Rosenkrans Abrams

The Parents of Emma Walker Abrams

Mother and Father Walker


Abrams Family Tree


Rosenkrans Family Tree


Walker Family Tree


Wife’s Maternal Family Tree

1st Marriage of Glen D. Abrams

Glen D. Abrams and Lillian Walker Abrams

3rd Marriage of Glen D. Abrams

Glen D. Abrams and Martha E. Wilber Abrams

The Obituary of Glen D. Abrams

1858 - 20 March 1938

No obituary found.

The Obituary of Emma Walker Abrams

1851 - 4 May 1912

No obituary found. Emma Walker was the second wife of Glen D. Abrams.

The Burial of Glen D. Abrams

Wayland Village Cemetery in Wayland NY

The Burial of Emma Walker Abrams

Ashley Cemetery in Springwater NY

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