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Springwater Bicentennial

The Springwater Bicentennial occurs in 2016 and planning has already begun. Click the logo to read more.

Memory Lane

Here is our Memory Lane, the place where we share our memories, reminiscences and stories. Click the logo to read more.

Metropolitan Inn of Hemlock NY

The Metropolitan Inn operated from 1810 - 1977. Click image to read more.

Miller Lure Co. of Springwater NY

Edmund Miller made fishing lures from 1930 to 1958. Click image to read more.

Hemlock Flying Service

The Hemlock Flying Service operated from 1928 - 38. Click image to read more.

Clara Mack of Springwater NY

Clara wrote stories for the Wayland Register from 1935 to 1950. Click image to read more.

Canadice Chronicle

Click here to read old articles by Earl Mastin, Mina Oliver and Mabel Proctor.

Slide Show

Take a quick slide show through of Hemlock and Canadice Lakes. Click the image to start.

The first Canadice Strawberry Fest on 28 June 1879

It was held at Slout’s resort on Canadice Lake. Click image to read more.

Rosary Grotto

There was once a Grotto at the St. Michael’s Mission in Conesus NY. Click image to read more.

The 1896 Governor’s Race in Canadice

Campaign posters are showing up everywhere. Click image to read more.

Jacques House at Hemlock Lake

In the 1800’s Jacques House was a very popular resort at Hemlock Lake. Click image to see more.

Dixon Hollow

This milling community faded into history in the 1940’s. Click image to read more.

Hiking at Hemlock and Canadice Lakes

Here are topo maps of some of the more popular trails around the lakes. Click image to see more.

Ex-Slave George Wilson dies at 94 years.

Here is a short biography of this man’s eventful life. Click the image to see more.

Sewage disposal at Hemlock Lake

From 1886 to 1891, a pail system was used to gathered sewage from the lake. Click image to see more.