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“Anecdotes” by Mrs. Maude Van Duyne

Mrs. Maude Van Duyne wrote short stories, anecdotes and memories of her past, many of which were published in the Wayland Register newspaper. Here you will find a sampling of her anecdotes taken from the Wayland Register.

The picture at left is of the Canadice Literary Society in 1896. It is believed that Maude and her husband Willis are in the photo.

Pioneer Breakfasts and Old Johnny

Mrs. Van Duyne remembers the hardy breakfasts of her childhood. She also remembers Orrin Purcell and a character known as Old Johnny.

Mrs. Maude Van Duyne

December 1901

Canadice Landmark Passes into History

Mrs. Van Duyne has written a short history of Joel and Sally Coykendall and the house they lived in which once stood at the Canadice Corners.

Mrs. Maude Van Duyne

14 November 1940

Christmas 50 Years Ago

Christmas is here again and Mrs. Van Duyne remembers a Christmas celebration at the Methodist church 50 years earlier. Everyone was there including Santa Claus.

Mrs. Maude Van Duyne

17 December 1942

A Beauty Spot in Canadice

Mrs. Van Duyne has a beautiful view of the east slope of Bald Hill from her home. And each season reveals it’s own particular beauty.

Mrs. Maude Van Duyne

17 June 1943

Holidays in 1902

Mrs. Van Duyne remembers the holidays of 1902 fondly and compares them to the present and speculates about future holidays.

Mrs. Maude Van Duyne

Summer 1952

The First Canadice Strawberry Festival

The first strawberry festival at the Canadice Methodist church was held on Saturday, June 28, 1879. The cost of entry was 25 cents.

Mrs. Maude Van Duyne

17 June 1954

A Fast Moving World

The harvest is past and Mrs. Van Duyne reflects on how efficiently it happened and how fast the pace of time seems to be.

Mrs. Maude Van Duyne

26 September 1957

Family History in Letters from 1860

Mrs. Willis Van Duyne and Mrs. W. H. Preston read some old family letters together which were written by their grandmother, Mrs. Adaline Short Becker, to her sister, Mrs. Lucy Short Briggs. It was an interesting afternoon and evening.

Mrs. Maude Van Duyne

May 1960